Best fitness Tracker Friday Deal

Black Friday: How to Bag the Best Fitness Tracker Deals


Black Friday is here with us once again. The yearly event marks the best day for you to make your purchases and bargain your way to acquiring the best deals in relation to technological fitness devices. With the climax set to be November 25th, it is quite strategic with the oncoming Christmas holidays. You are being offered a huge opportunity to get the best at a lower or at a bargain price. The latest fitness models released this year will be up for sale and therefore shopping will have been made easier.

Even with the Black Friday, it is quite a challenge to bag any deal. Essentiality is given to learning and understanding the best way or means to use in order to acquire something out of the day. Major fitness devices firms Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone etc, are expected to grace the markets. Their best sellers and newest technologies will be on display i.e. wearable. Remember, you will have to do without some of the features in the latest models as their prices even after a bargain may not be as friendly as you wish.


Garmin Watch
This firm has made it name with the largest number of wearable launches this year. In addition, the wearable devices features are similar across the platform even though some of the most advanced will be out of reach. Garmin launches include Garmin Vivosmart HR+, Vivofit 3, Vivo move and the Smart Analogue. Arrays of forerunner smart watches too have been launched. Garmin gives you quite a range of devices to choose. Furthermore, it has a unique feature that is a constituent in all of its wearable devices i.e. waterproof capabilities. Essential in any wearable devices and therefore, consider Garmin’s devices if looking for that extra feature that Fitbit devices lack this Black Friday.


This is the trending and most popular wearable device company this year. It has majored and launched quite a number of wearable fitness devices over the year. These are Alta, Fitbit Blaze, Flex 2, Charge 2 etc, some of which have quite amazing features including being waterproof i.e. you can have a bath or even swim in it and conduct exercises in steps (guided steps). This feature, you may have to skip, if looking for a Fitbit brand. You may choose to go with other products that have other important features such as the Charge HR.; it has a sensor that measures your heart rate and lasts a week in relation to its battery life. The Blaze also offers unique stepwise exercise experiences and a screen that is watch like. Furthermore, Fitbit has a unique app that allows you to conduct and track all of your exercises making it easy to use.


Jawbone technology especially its UP software continues to amaze many in the technological front. Its Jawbone UP2 and UP3 are some of the best wearable devices out there in the market. This Black Friday, if you have ever dreamed of acquiring one of these devices, it is your chance now. In addition, they are waterproof and you can enjoy a nice long bath while still wearing them. However, they lack the elegant display features seen in Fitbit and Garmin wearable. Furthermore, only the Jawbone UP3 has a heart sensor and monitor that allows you a 24/7 monitoring capability. Get a discounted device with Jawbone on Black Friday.


Privacy is a fundamental factor in any activity. Not all people enjoy being seen with a fitness tracker and that is why Withings came up with a disguised fitness wearable devices. Outside they look just like a normal traditional watch. They utilize the coin cell making them easier to use, swimming friendly and non-rechargeable. If this is your style, expect the Withings Go, Withings Activite and the Withings Health Mate in the market on Black Friday.


The firm represents simplicity and elegance redefined. Its fitness tracking capabilities and experiences may be minimal but it operates and houses the most clever tech. their devices are aimed at being stylish and at the same time depict simplicity. With a collection ranging from Misfit flash, Mistfit Ray, Shine 2 and other swimming editions not forgetting the cycling ones, there is quite a large choice for you on Black Friday.


These GPS run smartwatches also double as fitness trackers. They track and log information stored in the app TomTom MySports. It may not offer the same capabilities as Fitbit or Garmin, but if looking for a GPS enabled Device, with a built-in Music player and is also known for activity tracking this Black Friday, then TomTom is your best option.


With the Black Friday around the corner, it is the high time to learn what you should grab. Fitness gadgets are one of the best offers for you.


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