Know How Much You Have Increased with Tomtom Wearable

Know How Much You Have Increased with Tomtom Wearable


Today, launching new fitness trackers is considered a bold move. However, this has not hindered TomTom from revealing a new fitness tracker. During a recent 2016 IFA event, TomTom revealed its new TomTom wearable. According to specialists, this new activity band from TomTom is something you shouldn’t miss.

Unlike Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Charge 2 backdrop, the initial venture into fitness tracking devices by TomTom is better and improved. Its fitness band has other capabilities besides fitness tracking. In addition to sleep analysis and step tracking, the new TomTom Touch is in a position to build the analysis of body composition as well as a round the clock heart rate monitoring.

In addition to having all these capabilities, the band is also attractive. It is equipped with a fairly attractive and bright touchscreen display that has successfully dominated the removable tracker aspect. Moreover, the tracker allows for swapping between a variety of color bands. Currently, this is a common trend in wearable. The screen is also in a position to display notifications from your smartphone.

Display Notifications

The fact that the new wearable isn’t waterproof, it is not ideal for swimming. However, it is water resistant making it splash friendly. Additionally, it has a sporting mode that allows you to track calories burnt, heart rate and time within activities including gym workouts, cycling and running. The wearable doesn’t have GPS.

Away from sleep tracking and automatic sleep detection, this fitness tracker has a body composition feature. Its band has two sensors that are strategically located at the back and front. It uses this feature to determine the wobbly fat mass and tough muscle ratio of your body. Over time, the MySports app is able to track this information.

This unique feature makes the tracker to stand out. This is because other wrist wearables don’t have body composition metric. Once you are done with your workout session or any other time, you are capable of tapping in and you will provided with detailed information about your thinning waistline. Moreover, unlike weight tracking, this wearable allows you to witness your fat becoming muscle. The best thing is that, this happens without necessarily having the feeling of depression associated with following the wrong direction. Therefore, TomTom Touch has proven to be not only a fitness tracker, but a game charger.

Fitness Tracker

However, just like most other fitness trackers, this wearable has its own drawbacks. You may want to try it out first to confirm its effectiveness and accuracy. According to sources that have had a chance to experience the device, taking readings is a time consuming process. It does not read information automatically and it doesn’t prompt users to take their reading regularly.

Just like weight, the composition of your body is likely to fluctuate heavily. Therefore, tracking your body composition involves some long time. The approach adopted by TomTom is more directed towards best possible data generation as well as inspiring users to keep logging manually. Moreover, users do not receive immediate feedbacks from the wearable. Once the band has taken your reading, it is able to log your wobbly bits within the app. However, the band doesn’t display anything during this time. Most people will find this ungratifying to some extent.

Your Fitness Goals

Its level of technology will be able to provide some better insights into your fitness goals. The technology is in line with some existing health ecosystems including Withings Health, Under Armor Record or Garmin Connect. However, much is depended on how the tracker uses the MySports app.

The body composition feature is a metric that will convince you to buy this tracking device. In addition, users hoping to lose some weight will be provided with the necessary information regarding their workouts and extra steps. They will be able to find out whether their efforts are paying off.

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If the new fitness tracking device comes with a clear USP as well as an excellent price tag, people looking to lose their extra pounds will be left with no other choice, but to buy purchase this device. The tracker stands a better chance of making it big in the fitness market, which has recently become very crowded. In addition, the wearable has some strong features and looks really good. According to experts, it will deliver better experiences to users. It is expected to launch later in October 2016 and sources have revealed that it will go for $129.99.


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