Samsung Coming Up With An Answer For Bulky Wearables

Samsung Coming Up With an Answer For Bulky Wearables


Think wearables are still too bulky to get your hands on them? This next piece of news will probably change your mind, since batteries in the form of bands are now being developed and are looking to become the future of wearables. It’s not easy to sell people on wearables since they’re unsure if they will just pay the high price for something that will end up being uncomfortable, but technology is becoming thinner for the benefit of not only cellphones, but also wearables.

It’s no secret that wearables were made to be used on the go. Sure, people can use them as flashy gadgets to impress their friends, but when it comes to their real uses, runners and athletes can make great use of these. Then, if companies want their products to become more than simple momentary excitement, they need to put together a product that’s light… and actually wearable. Some might say that the world of wearables isn’t truly among us, since there’s obviously a good bump somewhere when you wear one, but this next technology could convince the remaining people who are still busy in putting out critics on the topic.

More Juice On The Road, and Thinner

Samsung has indeed managed to create a technology that’s very likely to give wearables new life for the upcoming years. The current concept might be impressive considering what we’re used to in the mobile world, but the new technology could enable a brand new set of possibilities when it comes to making wearables thinner, more portable and even more long-lasting than ever before. Indeed, this new technology seems to be improving things both ways by making the wearables thinner and longer lasting. Could your current wearables become irrelevant in the years to come? Well, that would be quite in line with what we’ve seen in the mobile world as we’ve witnessed today’s most powerful brands of cellphones evolve. Certainly, with the first sets of Androids and iPhones, your device could become out of date pretty quickly, and Samsung looks to improve wearables at a rapid pace with this new technology.


Their concept is simply called Band, and can boost your battery life by adding little weight or size to your wearable. That means that this one could be used with your current wearables, so there’s not necessarily a reason to panic about skipping out on this. Then, their other concept, which is called Strip, could be used to create a new wave of products, probably in line with the cheaper wearables we’ve seen lately that aim to accomplish only a few tasks, for a lower price. A flexible battery can then mean less bulky products for consumers.

A Brighter Future For Wearables

It might be a while before we actually benefit from these latest discoveries, but this confirms that wearables at least have a future that we can all look forward to beyond the first wave of products that we saw in 2015. By being a wearables brand itself, Samsung could certainly make this work in their favor to get ahead as the competition heats up.

Size could then be an important feature when it comes to the next generation of wearables. If the first wave was more about impressing with the new opportunities that smartwatches could offer, the new products could be more about comfort and power, and Samsung seem to be on their way to offer exactly that. At first, maybe the concept of a flexible battery could sound risky to some, but from the way Samsung is choosing to give these concepts brand names, we can already guess that they have a good level of confidence concerning what they can do with them in the future.

Overall, the Band and Stripe concepts unveiled by Samsung seem to be well worth their buzz. Both owners of current smartwatches and those who are staying on the sidelines for the moment will see this piece of news positively, and possibly get excited some more about wearables. Once the initial buzz of wearables will have worn off, new concept and technology will have to take over, and Samsung is already letting the competition know that their products will be some of the most portable and long-lasting in terms of battery life. Then, thinking about the world of flexible batteries could give some ideas to plenty of creators, and opens the door for creations that could be weird and useful all at once. Batteries used to be one the biggest things that increase the size of devices, but seeing a piece of news that says otherwise is pretty big to say the least. Now, some patience will be needed before we’re able to feel and use these things, but the future seems to be pretty bright when it comes to mobile batteries.


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