Flexible Wove Band Smartwatch

Flexible Wove Band, Looking to Shake Up Smartwatch Market in 2016


The wearables market is still on the move with many concepts and ideas being thrown around, and it’s now pretty much expected to see new companies and products coming in trying to disrupt things a little. It’s the case with this new product called the Wove Band which certainly can be called an alternative to what is currently available. While some big smartwatch products are playing it the classic way by introducing a screen to the traditional watch format, company Polyera is coming in with something entirely different.

The device has yet to ship, but this new alternative smartwatch has a screen that can actually bend and fit perfectly on the wrist. Its flexible screen is its main asset – flexible transistors are able to bend and display data at the same time and this puts the Wove ahead when it comes to technology. Polyera presents itself as a company that knows how to handle these new possibilities. The company is hoping to deliver this product for the first time in 2016, so there’s still some wait before trying it out, but the concept is already being presented in quite some details. Could the competition have to react to this?

A Concept That Could Meet Some Competition

Obviously, this flexible screen concept is one that could meet some competition pretty quickly, especially if it’s successful. The idea of having a solid and precious tech device that makes a bump on the wrist might not please everybody, and a product like the Wove Band could meet the fit that some potential customers had been looking for. Not only is the Wove Band looking to gain some ground on the competition, but it could also bring in brand new customers who had chosen to skip on the smartwatch concept to start with. Perhaps wearing and using a smartwatch triggers a few comments nowadays, but this Wove Band seems less likely to trigger attention from the people around you, and with its discrete black and grey theme, you can probably now wear a smartwatch and keep it for yourself some more. This shows the smartwatch market is large and there could now be a new category thanks to this offer from a company that has its eyes set on 2016 to make some impact.

It also addresses some of the problems some people are already finding on the current smartwatch products, such a tiny screen that can seem restrictive after having used smartphones for so many years. The Wove addresses this issue by adding more active surface, and therefore making the interactions more relevant than simply tiny notices on the screen. This removes the feeling of restriction that some avid smartphone users might have and opens up the possibilities when it comes to looking at multiple data at once. Previous smartwatch releases have targeted people on the move like runners that need information quickly, and it looks like the Wove can provide more of that at once without you even touching it.

Wove Band

Is it fashionable? We certainly think so. At first glance, it might seem like a weird alternative if you’re expecting too much smartwatches to look the same, but the product certainly seems to work for a cool look. In fact, some people might think this will look better over the current smartwatches on the market. While some smartwatches out there might look questionable when it comes to design, the Wove seems to be spot on.

Any drawbacks? Possibly when it comes to apps. Certainly, a smartwatch like the one from Apple boasts more power and potential when it comes to what the device can do in the future, and that should be considered when making your purchase. Compatibility, easy access for developers… those are the kind of things that can go against the Wove, since the big smartwatch players out there are already making plays to make them interact with smartphones and offer key apps such as for mobile payments. The Wove will need to play the game by its qualities to reach its target audience, and with the current details it looks like there will be plenty of people interested in trying it out. But above all, it’s a product that needs to deliver on its promises and not present any unexpected drawbacks when the first units ship. It also remains to be seen what longevity this product has over Apple’s smartwatch for instance – a smartwatch is indeed a product you will wear every day like a piece of clothing, but there a least has to be some things to keep you interested in it. How would you feel if you’ve tried everything out on your watch? If this sounds like one of your concerns, the Wove then might not be as interesting to you in the long run.


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