Ces 2016: What Will Be Next Year’s Gadgets?


We know it’s quite early to speak about CES, since the show will be only in 3-6 January, 2016. However, there are lots of gadgets we would like to see at the show. Hopefully, next year’s CES will bring some surprises.

For those who don’t know what CES is, I will make it easier for you. CES is the acronym for Consumer Electronics Show, which is one of the biggest electronic show in the world. Companies all around from the globe are announcing their newest upcoming flagship products. They announce them in the CES, however, it takes lots of time for most of the products to be released. Companies always use the “rumors” trick, which contains the tactic of spreading rumors about a device firstly, waiting a few months or weeks and then announcing the new product on the upcoming CES. This is a quite great marketing trick that most of the consumer electronics companies use.

This year’s CES brought the announcement of the new LG G Flex 2, which caused big waves at the show. It was quite a surprise, however, that LG was the only big company who announced its new flagship smartphone at the CES 2015. LG used this information wisely to announce that the company’s new phone was the best smartphone of CES 2015. This was a quite great marketing trick, and the company has made a good move using it.

There were some tablets on last year’s CES too. Dell made an announcement of the Venue 8 7000, which hasn’t attracted the attention that the company wanted.

Another tablet was from Lenovo, the company showed the brand new Yoga Tablet 2 with Anypen. Lenovo is using the Consumer Electronic Show for marketing its devices, the show is a major platform for marketing purposes for the company. This means, every year Lenovo will announce something new, which could come out quite greatly for consumers. The Chinese company has gone through big changes in the last 3-4 years. They were only known from their laptops, however, as they broke in the smartphone and tablet market, they realized they can be competitors for multinational companies, such as Samsung or LG. They were selling phones before too, however, only in China. When the company released the K900, it was the first phone, which made it to European and American markets.

Maybe 2015 wasn’t a good year for smartphones and tablets on the CES, however, it may mean that in 2016 it will be a perfect year, or at least there’s a bigger chance for it. In the tech world, we always want something new, a huge surprise, such as was Google’s unsuccessful Glass, which inspired the making of the most anticipated devices of Microsoft, the HoloLens.

The clear winners of CES 2015 were the wearables. The two huge competitors, have both announced their newest upcoming wearable devices, Microsoft came with its Band and Apple has shown us its new smartwatch, the Apple Watch. No question, these two products will be this year’s most popular tech devices, especially in the category of wearable devices. However, the competition has been resolved between the two opponents and Apple seems to be the clear winner. The watch’s price and design along with its brand new functions beat Microsoft’s fitness tracker.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality
VR has been the newest competitor in the consumer electronics market. The first device was Occulus Rift, which is now owned by Facebook. After the social network’s owner bought the company for 2 billion dollars, they announced the VR headset, which changed the course of gaming. After that, many competitors have broken into the market, such as the HTC Vive, Valve’s trick to blow away competition from the VR market. Sony has announced its brand new device for virtual reality gaming too, the Sony Morpheus. Latter was designed to be the official VR headset for the Playstation 4 and for most of Sony’s products. Of course, we want much and much more virtual reality headsets on the CES 2016.

Virtual reality and wearable gadgets seem to be the most anticipated consumer goods on CES, however, we hope there will be great smartphone and tablet announcements on the CES 2016.


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