Where To Get The New Samsung Galaxy S6?


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is releasing this year April 10. Its good news, as usual, however, the big question is: where to buy it? In the consumer electronics market we can use several tricks to get our hands on to our desired products earlier. Only a small percentage of end users know these ways, so that’s the reason we are introducing them in this article. Most people buy their tech stuff (smartphones, tablets, etc.) in the most popular stores. In those stores it costs much more than in a small store. Why do they buy them from there then, you would ask? Because big stores have huge stocks, they are popular, so it is easier to find them on the internet than small shops. They have lots of reviews on review websites on the internet too, so they may seem more trustworthy than a “no-name” startup. However, most of the big retail companies cheat on something that makes them pretty untrustworthy. People still buy from them, since they use different tricks to enhance their reputation.

Let us show you the stores when you can buy the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.


The official store seems always to be the perfect place to purchase a product, however, they always sell their stuff more expensive than they are in retail stores. In the Samsung Galaxy S6’s case it is slightly different, since the product hasn’t been released yet. What is different? The price instead being more expensive remains the same as it is in other stores. This is always the case, however, with pre orders. Not many wholesalers offer pre orders for their products, there are always 2-3 who sells the same product for almost the same price to retailers. Retailers don’t take big risks, they want to gain at least a small profit on their pre order sales, so they set the same price for the product, as the official manufacturer. Other retailers think the same way, so they do the same to avoid competition in prices.

You can pre order the Samsung Galaxy S6 (not the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge!) at their official site for 599 pounds. However, you can only order the 32GB version in only three colors instead of four. Blue is TBC, so there’s no pre order for it. Gold ships at 17 April, while black and white colored phones will ship at 9 April for customers.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse
Carphone Warehouse is a big retailer, based in London. The store has several shops across Europe and it is a beloved place for Europeans to buy their consumer electronics. Although Samsung is not offering pre order versions for the 64 GB and 128 GB versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6, other stores are, such as Carphone Warehouse. Carephone Warehouse offers the 32 GB version of the phone for 599 pounds, the 64 GB for 659 pounds, while you can buy the 128 GB version for 739 pounds.

Carphone Warehouse also offers free wireless chargers for all order, worth 49 pounds. As we can see, it is a wiser choice to buy the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 from this store, since they are offering a bonus of 49 pounds in the form of a phone accessory. They offer more than Samsung, however, it is only more by a little.

The Cheapest Retailer

Unlocked Mobiles is offering the phone for pre order for 549.98 pounds, which seems quite amazing comparing to Samsung’s original price on their store’s page. Of course it is for the 32 GB version of the phone, it would seem too low for a price for the bigger versions. However, it is 50 pounds cheaper than at other big retailers. There could be more retailers with even lower prices, however, we couldn’t find anyone cheaper than Unlocked Mobiles.


You should always go with the store you find sympathetic. Stores with absurdly low prices could most possibly be scams, so try to avoid those, or just try to check their trustworthiness on the internet. I think the best way to purchase a new, upcoming phone is to open your internet browser, type your keyword (the product you want to buy) to Google, find some stores and compare their prices and services. The final step is purchasing the product, of course.


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