Introducing The New Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge


Samsung just revealed its new version of the company’s flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Korean mobile manufacturer’s new phone is one of the most expected gadget releases of 2015, along with the HTC One M9. There has been only rumors around the smartphone, but the Seoul based company just announced the Samsung Galaxy S6, and more surprisingly, the curve-edged S6 Edge, which comes with Gorilla Glass 4 and a sturdy aluminum body. The announcement was made at Samsung’s Unpacked event at the Barcelona hosted Mobile World Congress. The devices are expected to be released in April, 2015. We don’t know for sure, however a trustworthy site has rumored that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will start from 699 Euros. That would be the price of the cheapest, the 32GB version of the smartphone. The 64GB and the 128GB version will be expected to cost 799 and 899 Euros. The more interesting Samsung S6 Edge will, of course, will cost more, around 849-1049 Euros.

Samsung has not confirmed yet, however, it is quite likely that the company will release the phone with its own branded octa core CPU. This would be a big improvement to both the previous releases of the phone and to the competition’s smartphones. Why is that? All of the Korean company’s previous smartphones came with quad, dual or single core processors, while their newest device features a brand new, octa core CPU, making the phone even faster. Apple’s latest iPhone 6 Plus has an 1.4 GHZ Dual Core processor in it, which means only 2 cores, while the S6 will have 8 cores to power the phone. That will put the Seoul based manufacturer in a significant advantage, since its smartphone’s CPU will be expected to be almost 4 times faster than Apple’s flagship cell phone’s. While the iPhone 6 had 1 GB memory, the Galaxy S6 will have 3GB. That even makes Apple’s situation worse.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will come with an awesome 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution Super Amoled display.

Samsung Galaxy S6
The phone will feature a 16MP rear camera, which has been improved greatly compared to last year’s releases. The camera will have identical snappers, which makes, along with the Optical Image Stabilization, taking photos even easier and faster.

The only negative “improvement” of the smartphone is the battery. They changed the original 2800 mAH battery to 2550 mAH. Last year’s Galaxy S5 had some moderate problems with battery power, since its life was quite low. Now we have an even weaker battery for a more powerful phone. Sadly, that will cause major problems for consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a brand new version of the Android operating system, the Lollipop. That will make the smartphone look even better with new software features. Samsung took out some pretty annoying pop ups and slimmed down the UI for better and easier use.

Along with the new flagship phone, Samsung will release a new payment system called Samsung Pay, which will make transactions on the smartphone easier. However, the payment system will be only available for US citizens (hopefully it will spread to the rest of world in a while).

The Rivals
The Samsung Galaxy S6’s biggest competitor is, obviously, the iPhone 6, since Apple’s flagship smartphone market share is the biggest on the planet. However, there are other competitors on the market, like the HTC M9 or the Sony’s Xperia Z3. The HTC M9 could cause big problems for Samsung, since the smartphone will be released just before the Galaxy S6 this year (31 March) and is expected as much as the S6.

Samsung definitely made a great smartphone this year. The phone has improved quite a lot, with its octa core CPU and 3GB system memory, it became much and much faster. The device will look even better than before too, thanks to the high resolution beautiful Super Amoled display. Samsung made a huge deal with releasing a metal edged edition of the phone. However, the smartphone will be quite expensive, it would be wise to wait until its price drops. Another negative attribute of the S6 is the battery power, since it’s quite low compared to other devices or the Galaxy S5.


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