ElectricFoxy Pulse Wearable Device


Technology is being used to help with a number of things besides the use of computers. Technology is being used to help people get into shape and analyze their workout and exercises programs. Technology can help a person get healthy and can help them stay healthy. The electricfoxy pulse uses the latest in technology to help a person perfect their exercise program.

About the Electricfoxy Pulse
The pulse is used to help a person keep track of their heart rate while they are working out. It is a high tech ring that is worn on the finger and is able to monitor fitness performance as well as the heart rate. The ring is designed to be compatible with mobile devices. The ring will take a measures of the heart rate and send the information to the mobile device. A person will then have their data including their heart rate on their cell phone through the use of a specific application that is downloaded once the ring is purchased.

ElecrticFoxy and Smartphones
There is a lot a person can do with their data once it is transferred to their smartphone. This data can be used for a number of purposes. A person can set fitness goals and use the data of their heart rate and see if they are coming close to meeting their goal. If they are making progress they can see it in an easy to read chart format. If a person is not making enough progress they will know that they have to stop up their exercise program and workout more intensely. The ring is also liked to this progress to work as a visual aid when working out. The ring will change color based on a person’s heart rate. If the workout is not helping the person meet their targeted goal that they have set the ring will change color and let them know. If the ring turns a blue color a person will know they are not workout out in an intense manner and are below their goal. If the ring turns a red color that means a person is pushing themselves too hard and is well above their goal. At this point they can relax a little before the heart rate gets too high and is no longer safe for them. The ring and the cell phone application are compatible with both the android operating system as well as the iOs operating system.

ElecrticFoxy and Smartphones
There are many benefits to wearing this workout ring. If a person is not working out hard enough they will know right away. If a person is workout out at an unsafe level they will know this right away as well. When a person is wearing the ring no one will know they are using it for exercise purposes. The ring fits both one a male and a female hand. Unless a person tells others they will have no clue that it is monitoring their heart rate.

Who Uses the Ring
Just about anyone can wear thing rings as part of a workout program. Anyone that is looking to get into shape can wear and use the data provided by this ring. Professional athletes also benefit from the use of the Electricfoxy Pulse. They will know if they are training hard enough to meet their goals or if they have to stop up their workout program. This ring can protect the health and the safety of the users. If a person is getting close to the level where they are in danger or in harms way from working out too much the ring will let them know right away.

Additional Features
This ring has many additional features. When a person goes online to evaluate their workout there is no complicated information. All of the information is easy to read and color coded. A person can check out their progress with this easy to read information. A person can also check their heart rate in a simple manner. The ring is all they need to wear. There are no wires that need to be attached. There is nothing that a person can get tripped up in. This ring can go anywhere with the person. They do not have to sit and be tired up to the machine. They can move around and exercise without any restriction or problem.

Heart rate is very important to know. A person will need this information in order to stay healthy and make sure they are working out hard enough and for a long enough period of time while still remaining safe. This ring uses the latest in technology to make sure a person stays healthy. A prison will be able to reach their weight loss goals in a safe manner while staying safe and within a reasonable range at the same time.


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