SQORD POWERPOD to Power up Good Kid Fitness!



This is a very fine fitness device that is targeted mainly for children between the ages of 8 and 12. What it does is keep accurate track of both the movement and the duration of movements with regards to fitness.


  • This device keeps track of every movement and step that is made. Should a child sit down? It will even make note of it. It is that intricate, efficient, and detailed.
  • Has a disposable battery that is long-lasting and never needs to be replaced or recharged
  • Connectivity is Blue-Tooth and WIFI
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Windows Mobile OSX
  • Immediate Workplace Benefits: Health

How We Use It?

  • It inspires life-long good habits for children such as maintaining a regular form of movement or fitness for them.
  • Makes the world of play, also, a world of good health and fun making good health
  • Use device for exercise and to keep child obesity away from affecting child’s health
  • A source of fun play for kids that is really fitness and awesome for their health
  • It encourages activity for kids and the kids get points for making activity happen
  • Kids can use it to build up their own fitness. A little bit to start with, and then more, and then more.

Unique Features

Unique Features

  • Accelerometer
  • Is very easy to use
  • Is totally waterproof in description
  • This wearable device does sync online with SQORD website
  • Pink and blue colored bands available. Also, adult-sized bands too.
  • Price for subscription is $3.99 USD monthly or $33.50 per year
  • A child can chart up all of his or her activity points that are made and right up to the hour

What Gadget Can Do For Us?

  • Gadget is built kid tough and indestructible for the youngsters to play for good health choices with every day
  • A child’s thumbs shouldn’t be the only thing moving on their bodies daily. Let the rest of the body be on the go with this fun activity tracker
  • This activity tracker can take kids on a fitness adventure all their own and of their own creative making
  • Kids can compete on leaderboard and with other friends to rack up activity points for making steps and movement
  • This state of the art activity tracker will keep kids on their toes and wanting to move every day just to score up points that they do earn. This nice device encourages good health and well-being for kids in an interface that is fitness tracker, part game platform, and part social media.

Customer Reviews

Gear Up And Go. There is a review of SQORD POWERPOD posted at the YMCA of Snohomish County. The review given here is awesome in that it talks all about this great device and how it does inspire children to better health and fitness in every way.


Give kids a very fun way to have fun and play with this awesome activity tracker that encourages kids along to better health and to want better health by doing it through play. What will motivate kids to activity is not just the idea of making points for it. They will want to do activity for fun and play, as well, which does keep kids going constantly and active. What is also great about this activity tracker is this. It inspires kids to want to be on the go, and on the go, they do go eagerly.


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