Sync Fitness Bands To Keep You In Sync With Good Health!



Sync Fitness Bands are all about good health choices and encouraging good health choices for people. This smart watch is very smart indeed and that is from a fitness and health aspect that every person should have to monitor their own movements daily. It is a device that also serves as personal inspiration to want to achieve certain fitness goals for one’s self from day one.


  • It is BlueTooth Smart
  • 1 Year Battery
  • It Is Water Resistant
  • Coded Heart Rate
  • Compatbility is iOS
  • Calorie sensing is something that is powered along by one’s heart rate and just how intese he or she is moving during their form of activity
  • Sleek wristband that is stylish. It is also black and red in color
  • The Sync Fitness Band is only compatible with iOS at present. However, developers are looking at improving it, by making it compatible with other operating systems very soon

How We Use It?

  • You use it to monitor heart rate
  • You use it to see how many calories you have burned
  • You use it to know what time it is
  • You use it to see distance you have traveled
  • You use it to see steps that you have taken

Unique Features

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Clock
  • Backlight
  • 24HR Calorie Sensing
  • Fat Burn
  • Accurate ECG heart rate that is on demand
  • Price is $50.00 USD

What Gadget Can Do For Us?

  • Can allow person to sync and display their activity on MapMyFitness app
  • Can also display stats on community of their favorite fitness apps, as well
  • MapMyFitness app is the very thing to motivate a person to empower you to do more from a complete fitness stance
  • Can share any accomplished goals that you have made vis the MapMyFitness app that can be seen by friends and the Sync community itself
  • Gadget can inspire one to be all they can be from an awesome fitness and activity standpoint

Customer Reviews

The reviews about the Sync Fitness Band do vary at Amazon and they customers have given it different ratings based on their own personal use of this device. One customer review labeled it as being “nice quality, cheap settings” while another one “good addition to Map My Walk!” Amazon customers have given it as many as four stars with the least stars of that being two. There is also a Burn Sync Fitness Band review that is posted at The Gadgeteer, as well, and this review talks about the features of this great activity tracker in detail. The overall reviews from customers are in favor of this product, while they are a few, which do display some disfavor with it. However, there are good and bad reviews, with any product on the market.


Sync Fitness Bands do indeed allow a person to be in sync with their own health on all fronts. This is one of its biggest and most obvious of all benefits. It is monitoring without personal monitoring that is always on the go and ready for you. This fitness band is special beyond special for all that it can do in essence. It is able to give a very comprehensive look at all of the movements that are made by you daily.


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