Diane Von Furstenberg Designs, High-Tech Charging Purse


We all know how technology is changing fast and that something that was a big hit this month, may not be a hit in the upcoming few months. The reason for that is that there are many manufacturers all around the globe and they all want a piece of the pie, so to speak. Smartphones and other products are packed with many great features which people want to try out and use all the time. Well, we all know how that affects the battery life of our devices. It drains them completely.

Intelligent phones have become a very important part of our lives. It takes only minutes to check Google Maps when we get lost or to read an important email. The only issue is the battery running out. Many companies have come to rescue and offer external chargers, but that’s just one more thing to carry with you. It is not always a good solution. Nowadays there are some alternatives to all this. Tech and fashion are now combined and have a lot to offer.

You can probably think of one situation where you needed your phone, but the battery just went dead. The truth is you can probably think of many situations when such thing occurred. Women carry purses with them and those purses tend to house everything from pills to safety pins. Even though they can always put an extra charger in their purse, what is it good for, if you have no place to plug it?

Fashion Designer

Well, those days are gone. A fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg is all set to unveil a brand new purse design of purses which will put an end to charging troubles. The fashion designer found a way to combine fashion with technology. She rolls out a new high-tech purse which will charge smartphones in a cordless way. That means you will not have to carry your charger everywhere you go.

The designer says that her role in fashion is solution driven. She is always on the go and needs her phone to be ready all the time. The new tech bag will be on sale this very holiday season but in a limited edition. It will hit the stores next year.

Diane von Furstenberg said that technology is the biggest revolution and that it is a huge part of everyone’s life. We do everything with a help of tech, and that’s why it is not separate anymore, it just is. The designer said to CNBC.

This piece of wearable tech will surely find many customers on the global scene. Earlier this very year, the Wall Street Journal reported that a new fashion line by Kate Spade is going to partner with Everpurse (a startup) in order to make a new line of purses which will charge devices while people are on the go. These new line of bags will come packed with a charging matt which will send energy to devices in a wireless way. Pretty neat, don’t’ you think?

Diane von Furstenberg did not reveal the name of her partner in this endeavor. She did mention that technology is very important for the future of fashion trends and that it already has a major role in marketing.

Charging Purse

Technology goes hand to hand with fashion. Life mostly moves with a certain regularity. Most often people charge their devices during the night while they sleep, or ever day at their desk. Every time you need to search something online, your smartphone is there for you. But what happens when you travel?

If you plan a last minute travel and have no time to charge your device, you will end up with a dead battery, and the phone becomes useless. If you are someplace where you can’t find a place to charge your phone, there is nothing else to do but to give up and be offline, so to speak.

Well, Diane von Furstenberg thought of that when she designed her new line of purses. Women will now have all the comfort and will not have to think about where to charge their phones and tablets. This is just a beginning, and who knows what else designers and manufacturers will have to show us in upcoming months?


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