7 Things to Think About Before Buying a Wearable


Wearable technology has arrived in our lifestyle for some of us and if you’re not already part of the trend you might be wondering if you should make the switch. Before switching to wearable technology, you probably have a variety of questions that need an answer, and to pinpoint if you really need something like a smartwatch, consider and answer the questions in this article. At the end, you should have a better idea if you need to switch to wearable technology, or if you would be better off waiting on the sidelines or going for a classic watch and keeping it to your smartphone. Waiting might mean a better first wearable product for you, but hopping on the trend right now has some very cool advantages too. Check out these questions:

1) In What Instances Will Wearables Be Useful?
Just like smartphones, wearables offer a lot of features all at once, and while it might be easy to be impressed at first sight, you might want to really ask yourself which will be useful to you. You can plan the use of a wearable, but you might also want to consider how the new device will help you on-the-fly or in more stressful situations. Wearables can track and give you quick notifications… do you need that in your life? Think about work, leisure time and at home as well.

2) How Will This Affect My Professional Image?
Professional Image
Naturally, a lot of features on wearables will sound useful at work, but will you be able to use them? Is it going to have a positive effect on your image at work? You might want to go through your typical day in your head and figure out how that wearable might help you. Wearables are very dynamic, but they’re also quite limited when it comes to details within the tasks involved. If you would like to get notified of some meetings without going on the computer to check your email, wearables might be for you. On the other hand, if you manage to pull everything off with some well organized sessions at the computer, you might be better off simply keeping your standard watch and checking the time when you need it.

3) Will it Last for Me in the Long Run?
Wearables could become a fad to some people as well. The initial enthusiasm that you have towards the device could quickly fade after the first few notifications if you don’t really need any of the features on it, or if you’re constantly driven back to your cellphone because it’s more practical to you. Wearables aren’t only technology and might mean a change in lifestyle since you’re going to have it on you all the time. Try to think about wearables in terms of an investment and what it might make you gain, instead of just viewing them as the next purchases you could make, and that way your choice will be clearer.

4) Do the Current Available Looks Fit My Tastes?
There are plenty of wearables already on the market, but the field is still new, and a lot of new models are possibly to arrive eventually. Do the current looks fit your taste? Try looking at different companies, including smaller ones, to see if something more classic, or even more basic might do the trick for you. It looks like the best bet concerning wearables won’t necessarily be to own the one with the most features, and but the one that has the most features designed specifically for you.

5) Which Brand is Better for Me?
Brands compete in different ways and have different takes on the concept of wearable technology. Try to read and understand what each brand is currently aiming to accomplish with its wearable and whether or not that fits your lifestyle. Getting used to a brand might mean getting used to a specific OS that you won’t be able to live without in the future, so agreeing with the general concept or idea of the company is important.

6) How Much am I Willing to Invest?
Willing to Invest
Price is important and it may not take that much time before wearables become an affordable new way to communicate and accomplish different tasks. Plan a budget and what features you consider as must-haves, and don’t be afraid to wait if you think your dream wearable is currently out of reach because of the high price.

7) Will This Replace Some of My Current Devices?
Finally, owning a wearable is cool, but you might as well consider which devices it will replace and what might become irrelevant because of it. Owning a wearable will be tricky for some people at first because it will mean yet another device to carry, so try to think about how the new dynamic will work. If you go at X place, what will you bring? Only your wearable, or your cellphone as well? Better planning will help you make the best buying decision.


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