Obstacles on the Way to the Future of Wearables


In a way we can say the wearables revolution is among us, and when we look at things from another perspective we can be lead to think that things haven’t really fully unfolded yet. This is the case because wearables have been all the talk at the recent electronic shows and presentations, but we’re yet to see a full mainstream trend take place. What exactly is standing in the wearables’ way? Well, companies out there still have plenty of work to do when it comes to addressing the weaknesses, alternatives and perceptions that get in the way of wearables of fully being all over the place in our social lives. Let’s take a look at some of them here so that we can better understand where we’re heading, and why there are still things that need to be resolved before wearables is what everyone is putting under their Christmas trees.

Standard Watches

You can’t wear a thousand things on your wrist, and the smartwatch world needs to convince first and foremost that people need to trade their standard watch and go for something digital, which isn’t easy. Standard watches have been around forever, and many brands have a tremendous reputation attached to them, and that at several different price ranges. Wearables are going to have to find features and design that surpass people’s love of their classic watch. Also, wearables shouldn’t only be pieces of technology, but also brands that people can to love and cherish as much as classic watches. That’s why we’re seeing plenty of companies like Huawei are trying to come with simpler concepts that can attract different types of customers. It takes time to create classics, but different companies like Apple and Samsung are already looking to create their own formula of the concept.


Of course, smartphones stand in the way of smartwatches perhaps just as much since they carry some of same features. There’s naturally a problem in how smartwatches are looking to do everything a smartphone can do. The solution then most likely would come from the software side where developers could create exclusive apps that people really want to use that better fit the smartwatch format. This might be what will get people to buy more smartwatches if they see an app that fit their lifestyle. Another major selling point for smartwatches to sell to outdo smartphones is how quick and simple the interactions are, and that might be something people will get to appreciate with time.

Social Trends

Social Trends
Of course, there’s a fashion factor that is sort of out of the hand of the companies creating the product. Will people take wearables as the next cool thing to take with them? Only time will tell, but the look and the audiences targeted for each model will come into play to know what types of smartwatches are most likely to please what customer. Things might happen in the way of smartphones with a watch that everybody will want to wear, or people might all want something unique and that they won’t see so much on other people’s wrist.

Accessibility of Price

Still seen as inaccessible gadgets, the accessibility of smartwatches when it comes to their price is another point to consider. People might see them as very expensive and inaccessible pieces of technology, while some companies such as Pebble are already offering some cheaper alternatives to those of the likes of Apple. It may only be a matter of time before people realize how smartwatches are already within their reach, and then they might reconsider the thought of owning one again.

So, overall a world full of wearables and smartwatches at the mainstream level is possible, but there are still some things standing in the way of the reality. Some are sort of myths people still have about wearables, while some others are true functional issues that we have to consider when we buy one. However, these obstacles could become less of a big deal to wearables companies with time – they will know more and more the habits of wearables consumers and be able to adjust their strategies with more precision.


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