Speedo Shine 2 Review

Speedo Shine 2 Review – Facts you Should Know!


Misfit has continued to dominate the wearable market by creating waterproof fitness trackers. Its major competitors such as Jawbone and Fitbit are yet to create fitness trackers that match its new Speedo Shine 2. This new fitness tracker is an advancement of Speed Shine, which was born after a partnership between Misfit and Speedo. The new and improved fitness tracker is far much better than its predecessor in various ways with the main improvement being on accuracy.

The new Speedo Shine 2 will cost around $119.99. This cost is slightly higher than that of the Shine 2 or the Misfit Ray. In addition, Misfit is currently offering more swimming tracking features to its earlier fitness trackers via in-app purchase. Therefore, if you already have a Misfit fitness tracker, you should consider taking advantage of this offer.

The field of pool performance monitoring has in the recent years become very competitive. This could be attributed to the increased number of brands providing swimming trackers. From well established names such as Polar and Garmin to newcomers such as Moov and TomTom, the market is flooded with many swim trackers.

Features and Design

Features and Design

The new Speedo Shine 2 is similar to its predecessor in various ways. For instance, it is a swim friendly device that can be worn in multiple ways. On its disc shaped sensor, it makes use of an aluminum finish similar to that of its predecessor and a thin plastic strap. Most buyers have always claimed to have issues with Misfit straps; unfortunately, the Speedo Shine 2 uses the same type of straps.

It provides 24/7 IFTT recipes support and activity tracking features just like the Shine 2. This enables you to take full control of your smart home and connect devices such as Withings Body scale and Philips Hue light bulbs.

Additionally, it inherits its predecessor’s LED colored display, which perfectly displays notifications from your smartphone. Inside water, this display can be used as a countdown timer to indicate your progress. It is in a position to indicate the milestone into session.

The best thing about the new Speedo Shine 2 is its swimming algorithms. You are still in a position to track laps and lengths in the pool, but more accurately.

Additionally, the new and improved updates on software are available for the Shine 2 and the Misfit 2 in-app purchase.

Swim tracking and Activity

Speedo Shine 2: Swim tracking and Activity

The sleep and activity tracking experience is similar to that provided by the Shine 2. In addition, it is able to measure activities that are more intense in a better way and most importantly, it is in a position to pick up paces more accurately. The process of recording sessions is similar to that of the Shine 2. All you need to do is to tap three times on its face to begin lap tracking and do just the same to stop your session. Although this sounds easy, it can be a little fiddly in practice.

The App

The App front hasn’t changed a lot. The new Speedo Shine 2 uses an app similar to that of the Shine 2, Flash Link or Flash. This means that, the app still has the large progress activity circles. It allows for easy data break down by activity and sleep taping into the social features and compete against other people who use Misfit.

The App

It is easy to add swimming sessions to ‘Today’s story’. The device’s section allows you to sync the tracker manually, set up notifications and alerts and select a wearing position so that you can improve on tracking accuracy.

In addition, you will find dedicated swim settings inside the laps counting section. You can opt to turn on lap’s auto, turn on a new countdown timer and select pool length. The app is easy to master within a short period of use and that is really important. Additionally, there is no data flood to deal with and this makes it one of the most streamlined and clean fitness tracking apps ever created.

Battery Life

Battery life is the most important feature in a fitness tracking device. The worst that can happen is to have a fitness device that has a poor battery life. With the case of Speedo Shine 2, Misfit emphasized more on developing a great battery. Its battery life is as good as that of the Shine 2 and it can last for a very long time. Just like most traditional watches, it uses a coin battery. Its battery life can take you up-to six months or more, making it the fitness tracker with the best battery life.

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The new Speedo Shine 2 is more accurate than the Shine 2 and will provide you with a better user experience. However, its features closely resemble those of its predecessor. It has an excellent battery life probably the best in the market today.


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