Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Confirmed to be Feature in IFA 2016


With only a few weeks to Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) 2016, Europe’s largest tech show held in Berlin each year, the focus turns to the new tech devices that are expected to be launched this year. For those who do not know IFA, it is an event in the trade show calendar where newly manufactures technological gizmos are unveiled to the market. It began over ninety years ago just as a radio exhibition but has developed tremendously over the years to include more technological devices. If you want your latest technological invention to hit the market hard, this is your platform although some manufacturers have always preferred releasing on their own account and on standalone events. But back to Samsung Gear S3 which is expected to be unveiled in this event. What do we know so far?

The Design

The Gear S3 is expected to take on the appearance of a traditional smart watch with a slim like look. It consists of a metallic design accented with a fluted bezel and a metal bracelet. Even though this is a change in the designs it is not that much of a deal breaker considering the fact that its predecessor Samsung Gear S2 had a classic plastic strap alongside an aluminium bezel.

Gear S3

The new design is expected to retain its predecessor’s round form although not in exact same style. The Gear S3 will increase the size of the Gear S2’s 1.2 inch panel in order to make the touch controls easier tap and navigate, but that’s just the furthest knowledge there is concerning the S3’s panel size.

The S3 will also feature some hardware configurations such as the barometer and speedometer for measuring atmospheric pressure and velocity simultaneously. In addition to that, it will also feature an altimeter for taking altitude measurements not to mention the GPS tracking capability for geographical location reference. These sensors will prove useful for outdoor activities such as measurement of sped and time as well as estimating weather patterns.

The Models

The Gear S3 s expected to be launched in three models, a speculation yet to be confirmed. This model is expected to come in the traditional model alongside newer versions; Frontier, Classic and Explorer. The exact form and design of these models are unclear but one thing clear though, is the upgrade on the circulating bezel base, which lets the wearer to navigate through the menus.

The Models

The Gear S3 Explorer version is will be aimed primarily for outdoor activities especially sports related events. This assumption was made considering the positions in which the buttons will be located; 2, 4 and 10 which is a more customized design of a sporting technological gizmo. It is easier to control a device while doing another physically demanding task such as jogging or running if you could actually feel the buttons to, while at it as compared to doing the same thing with a touch screen interface. Picture trying to take a reading on a stopwatch with virtual buttons; its challenging if not completely impossible.

It is also in Samsung’s future plans to develop a luxury edition of the Gear S3 in conjunction with jewelers de Grisogono in an effort to enter the luxury market and expand its customer base. This is not a surprising move given the fact that the two firms have already worked together to create diamond-embellished edition of the Gear S2.

Operating System

The Samsung Gear S3 will be powered by Samsung’s own Tizen operating system. This OS is perfectly designed for a round screen with circular icons. This is unlike the previous Android Wear that used to run on other smart watches. In addition to this OS the S3 features an optical sensor for heart rate monitoring and evaluation and will come particularly handy for those with heart conditions.

Price expectations

Price expectations

This is perhaps the most important detail, consumers of Samsung products would like to know about. It is however definite that this version is not going to be any amount less than its predecessor. The Samsung Gear S2 standard model was charged at around £249 where as the classic design went for £299.It is presumably safer to add more figures on top of these ones for the upcoming Gear S3 considering the upgrades of metallic finishing on its outward design structure.

The luxury edition Gear S3 will be priced, if it is so launched, in the same way as other high-end luxury devices with price ranges at about $15000. Of course, such an edition is for specific customers with more than enough disposable income.

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The Samsung Gear S3 is expected to be launched in the IFA 2016 conference in Berlin, Germany. Specifically, Samsung has hinted August 31 as the official release date for the new model only then will we be able to confirm the extent of the truth to the above anticipated qualities and attributes. As for the availability, the company has not revealed clearly when customers can start purchasing the device following its release. But going by the trend when Gear S2 was available to the public four weeks after its release, it is safe to assume that the Gear S3 will be in shops by November this year.


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