New Smart Ring Now send Real Time Heartbeats to your Lover

New Smart Ring – Now send Real Time Heartbeats to your Lover


Technology has taken over the world and it is now a norm to hear or come across a wearable that will leave your mouth open. For instance, there is this company known as TheTouch that has developed a smart ring that allows two people to share their heartbeats. With only a tap on the exterior of their devices, people especially lovers can now share their heartbeats.

This new wearable is called the HB Ring and according to TheTouch, it is the world’s most sophisticated ring. It uses a special app to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. The special app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Its battery life is remarkable and it can sustain an active use of up-to 14 hours. In addition, when not in use it can last up-to160 hours.

One thing about the HB Ring is that it requires phone connection so that it can function. The phone must have data connection for it to receive pulses from the internet. The smart ring is available in a variety of six sizes including 21, 20, 19, 18, 17 and 16mm. Although TheTouch claims that the rings are thin, they are bulkier than common wedding rings.
Once you have bought the smart ring, you will be provided with a wireless charger. The company decided to avail this new wearable in a number of versions in order to meet the needs of different users. One version is the 18K real rose gold with unibody sapphire crystal housing. You can as well go for the other versions of the ring that are available; the jet black or rose gold. However, these are not created using real gold.

Smart Ring Heartbeat

If you want to experience this amazing piece of technology, you will have to buy the rings in pairs. One thing is for sure, they are expensive. This could be because of their extraordinary capabilities and the materials used to make them. For instance, if you are looking to purchase the 18K Gold HB Ring, you must be ready to part with $2,990. For the other versions, the cost is $599. Note that, these costs are for a pair.

The new wearable is a product of 2.5 years of hard work and comes packed with over 100 components such as an LED circular array, a battery, multidimensional motherboard and a charging connector. It has a round frame that has been created from stainless steel and one of a kind wear resistant coating. According to the manufacturer, the ring’s body is way much harder than gold.

With only a simple tap on the ring, you are in a position to send contractions and dilations of the heart muscles to your loved one. The heart muscle dilations and contractions are managed by a smartphone companion app that is easy to use and set up. Once you download the app and paired it with your ring, you are supposed to add the profile of your loved one. This allows the two of you to share heart beats in real time. In addition, the app is capable of performing basic management tasks. For example, it allows you to view the battery level of your ring and toggle connectivity.

Ring and Toggle Connectivity

If you can’t wait to buy this piece of technology, maybe you should consider making a pre-order since pre-orders are already underway as from August 2nd. The company is expected to start shipping later this year. The 18K gold version will begin shipping in November, while the other version should be somewhere in December. According to the company, the quantities are limited.

The new smart ring features a similar functionality to that of the Apple Watch. However, TheTouch worked harder to make the HB Ring more advanced than the Apple Watch. Using the Digital Touch app of the smartwatch, you are can comfortably send recorded heartbeats to family and friends, but not in real time. Unlike the smartwatch, the new smart ring allows you to share real time heart beats with family and friends. Users should wait and see how seamless and consistent the smart ring can get. Couples who would go for a vibrating ring rather than a vibrating watch will definitely love this new gadget.


The HB Ring is almost here with us and people should brace themselves to experience the best technology ever. The company behind the new smart ring took time to ensure that it comes up with a product worth the long wait. Although the HB Ring is expensive, it is worth every dime. In addition, it comes in a standard version that is much cheaper. Therefore, if you find the 18K rose gold variant expensive for you, then go for the standard version. The manufacturer did a commendable work on the new smart ring’s battery by making it high quality; it can go for hours without recharging.


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