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Feature of Philips Health Suite isn’t for ‘Fitness Fanatics’


The Philips Health suite is a health-tracking platform that assists patients and generally the people with health concerns acquire a complete and detailed knowledge about their vital physiological information and how they change overtime. It does this by use of electronic devices of all kinds. These devices can measure weight changes and blood pressure amongst many more bodily functions, subject to the individual’s area of concern. This is all in an effort to promote a smarter lifestyle.

Fundamental Principles

Philips health suit uses wearable devices that are can be attached onto the body so as to monitor physiological body changes and functions. Not only can these devices provide a timely report on the body’s cellular functions but it can also offer solutions where necessary so that the wearer can get assistance. For instance, if you are on a weight reduction timetable or plan and plans to cut down on the amount of fat in you body, you could consider a watch alongside a scale to help you track your progress and as such determine whether you are making progress or not. On a similar note, if you are suffering from hypertension and would like to keep account of your blood pressure, then a hypertension monitor is the most recommended device.

How Unique is Philip’s Health Suite?

With the advent of very many health and fitness tracking devices not to mention companies that also develop applications that work on a majority of these devices, you may be pardoned in thinking that Philips suite is just like one of them. The suite is unique and distinguishes itself from other players in the same industry in the following manner;

Philip’s health suite

a. FDA approval – Philip’s Suite devices are all registered with FDA, which means that all the data they record and provide their users are accurate and timely. This is unlike other firms that are allowed to operate freely with reference to their experience and medical grading.

b. Unique sensors – They use specific health sensors to take on readings from the user’s body. The sensors embedded in these wearable devices are in such a way that they cannot be found anywhere else except n Health Watch. These sensors have been proven accurate to assure users of the reliability and legitimacy of the data they present.

c. Advanced software – To further boost accuracy, Philip has developed apps that are preinstalled into the devices operating systems to analyze and present the user with accurate data. In order to do this, these applications employ sophisticated algorithms to establish detailed conclusions and analysis so as to monitor and detect the changes in the patient’s behavioral patterns.

d. Behavior Psychologist – Once theapplications on the wearable devices have taken readings and detects a change of pattern, Philips refers the patient to its clinical scientists who will offer the best alternative to follow. As far as I am concerned this particular initiative is bold and new.

Target Market

Philips health suite is not for the ordinary fitness gurus or gym goers per say. This is because it is predominantly for those with chronic illnesses. Its main purpose is not to help patients improve fitness and body shape but rather to assist them in leaving a healthy life despite their chronic disadvantages which is inclusive of obesity, hypertension and cholesterol imbalance. The tracking devices that monitor these readings do so on a daily basis and as such makes it easier for the patients to track their lifestyle habits with relative ease.

Philips Wearable


  • Living with chronic diseases has never been made easier. Philips Health suite has simplified the lifestyles of those with this particular problem, a contribution that has significantly improved the life styles of many.
  • The suite offers accurate and timely approved data that have been vetted and confirmed with a well reputable body-Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • The device employs artificial intelligence concepts to detect deviations from the normal patterns of physiological processes, a boost for those who have short memory and cannot commit to a rigid timetable.
  • The employment of a behavioral psychologist to assist counsel patients that require guidance to their efforts in trying to cope with their illnesses is a good initiative. This will not only give the patients platform of sharing their daily challenges with the doctor but will also help the psychologist determine areas of improvement if they so exist in the future.


As already stated, this health suite is not for the every individual but specifically for those with chronic diseases. What of those who are healthy and generally just want to stay fit? They should be provided with means to achieve their goals as well.

The price tags for Philips health devices are not very pocket friendly. A weight reading watch worth $250 and a $100 hypertension monitor only appeals to users of certain economic class with sizeable disposable income. On the contrary though, a good health equates to a good longer life, and so if you are really after a perfect health, you might want to overlook the price tag.


The ultimate solution to a perfect life from a health’s perspective is Philips Health Suite. It provides you with all the relevant choices to make even on a diet or treatment plan. However it’s recommended to do more research about its devices before purchasing them. Consult a medical practitioner and have all the facts with you before committing your financial resources to its program.


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