Studio XO is the New Trend for Generation Z Teens

Studio XO is the New Trend for Generation Z Teens


Studio XO has come out as a leading company in the wearable technology giving this subsector of technology a new face. It is synonymous with live bands popularly known as ‘experience bands’ that feature top artists in the music industry such as Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. The bands were choreographed to test the emotions of the public in huge crowd events and concerts. This in turn boosts the market for gimmicks of the marketing agencies. The company has re-branded and is suffocating key players of the smart clothing industry by their classy entry into this sector.

Smart Cap

In collaboration with Highway1, a start-up accelerator, studio XO has developed a new smart cap that will rocking the market. The cap was developed after closely watching a series of great performances of the Black Eyed Peas performance. At the show, the new generation was up in the air with their phones trying to capture the moments. The idea of developing a product that unites or makes the new generation popularly known as generation Z unique from the other youths outside the 25 years age bracket was born.

Teens and youths in their early twenties have outright common likings that stand out. Studio XO therefore has an ideal wearable device on the way that will look stunningly amazing. The product will have luxurious and Fashionable Street wear collection look that the younger generation will easily consume.

How it will work?

According to studio XO, the cap is ready and is in the process of making a back pack that will serve as the main image. The cap will be couple up with a t-shirt and a jacket. All this wearable will be connected and will be displayed on the display interface of the app. It will be an experience that clients within the 10-25 years age bracket will find rather too appealing. The product will be launched by early 2017.

Real tests so far

Real tests so far
The real taste of what the new technology would look like was displayed at the Web Summit where the smart cap was displayed. It has an orientation similar to a LED dress lined up with light-up fibres. The cap takes the shape of a baseball and it is also synched with the app. This app hosts a cluster of great features such as those that prompt light to react to sound. There are timely flash-light which makes it possible for the wearer to have a band like experience in live concerts.


At the hub of technology, the Silicon Valley, a great deal of investors has given studio XO a nod. They are buying the idea of the company’s technological idea of dressing spectators and the audience. That is the first giant step of the vision of clothing generation Z. About two years ago, the company stunned the world with two a LED dress specially made for Nicollo and Dinsey. Renowned judges of wearable technology in the world gave the dress great approvals with Rachel Arthur being quoted saying that the example displayed by studio XO was way too beautiful to be an example.

New features

According to studio XO, fibres were and are being used to solve the problem of wearable tech being too costly. What makes most wearable products expensive is the cost of production. Units of production ranging from batteries to components to sensors are expensive thus making the general cost of this devices, decoding using fibre is easier and cost effective.

decoding using fibre

In a live performance, the app can respond to your voice and can enable the user visualize the music being played. This will cater for the generation Z consumer base that wants to ‘wear the internet’ but the current clothes are not meeting these expectations. Studio XO will therefore bridge the gap and close the existing clothing niche.

In order to read the emotions of the user, the device has been specially designed with galvanic skin response. However, the company says that the product it aims at launching will not majorly capitalize on gauging the emotions of the wearer. Studio XO aims at connecting an app to clothes and the union will be in line with what the wearer’s wants. Security measures are being put in consideration with the company keeping it in mind the wearer cannot put on the garment round the clock.


The problems that the company is dealing with currently is that the whole thing looks like a cluster of wires, LEDS and mini screens that have been shabbily assembled and fixed onto the old jackets and t-shirts. The company defends this by saying that there are great radical raw materials that are yet to be utilized and fully exploited to give the best results. They are confident that by the time they leave their labs around the world, generation Z will get the best products of the current times.


There would be nothing better to look forward to in the New Year than the Studio XO wearable technology. It is set to give generation Z a complete new experience and given then sophisticated technology to match their growing appetite of modern technology and give them something more than the current traditional jackets and t-shirts.


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