Stand Out in Any Event with a Matrix Power Watch


In the modern days, a watch gives the completeness of a fashion ware that leaves the wearer decent and confident. Over and above giving accurate timings, a watch gives the wearer the look of a serious client when getting into business deals and an executive look at the eyes of the juniors in work places. However, many people are hesitant in buying a watch due to the variety of choices and the high costs of modern watches. With this new watch, you don’t have to part with hefty sums of money to remain stylus and in fashion. It gives the best services edging out others in the modern market. It is a watch with changeable watch faces and is made of aluminum. This gives it a great look. It is water resistant up to 50 meters thus great for swimming.

What defines the Matrix Powerwatch

The source of power of this watch is you, the wearer. As of now the watch is being crowd funded by indegogo. This organized fundraiser campaign has raised about two hundred and ten US dollars. These are people who hold strong faith in the ability, capability and innovations of the device. The most striking difference between this device and other watches is the fact that you don’t need to keep recharging the device to enjoy its services. Further, the device does not require a battery to operate and run. It uses energy emitted by the user’s body heat. This ensures that the device runs round the clock without failing thereby giving an assured source of service.

matrix powerwatch

Brains behind this Innovation

This device has been by a leading electronic company. Arrow electronics has given the crowd funding website the brand design review. Arrow electronics is a third party prototypes verifier. It is this certification that makes the users enjoy the device they invested in as it ensures the manufacture of the device is ready. This makes the use of the device prompt.

How it Works?

The device uses energy from the body heat. When you remove the watch, data is stored in its memory and the device automatically goes to a sleep mode. When you put it on, it picks up room where you stopped, of course with updated time display. It has an internal electric meter that tells you how much energy your body is producing. Conversion of heat into electricity is through thermoelectric technology. It is based on the 1821 seebeck effect discovery. Materials that are thermoelectric have low conductivity and conducts electricity highly. From this watch there is a thermoelectric module with a host of small semiconductor legs that ensures that there is high voltage.

The App

The matrix power watch synchs wirelessly with android applications and the matrix IOS. This app make the user get to know how many calories they have gained or lost with given time frames. It also shows how many steps you have taken during that period. Further, the app reveals whether you are having great night rest or not. Within a week of using the watch, the watch will tabulate the amount of electric energy you produced. The watch works in harmony with Google and the Apple health kit. This watch also enables you to share all this information with your friends. This therefore gives room for launching a contest between friends to compete on who loses the most calories within a specified time span. The watch also syncs with you Smartphone and automatically readjusts to the right time zone.

Matrix Watch

It’s Manufacturer

After slightly over half a decade and a number of prototypes, the manufacturer of this watch are making a breakthrough. Money raised through the campaigns goes to the production tools that are key in the manufacture of the watch. The production design of the watch is already complete and the only remaining part is production runs necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the product is assured. Risks have been greatly reduced since the matrix group has made partnerships with other partners such as a Hong Kong based product developer and manufacturer. The manufacturer is a leading shipper of units of products that run in millions. They are inclusive of one the most costly wearable devices in the market currently.

Brains Behind this Innovation

Matrix team is composed of a great deal of high trained and experienced personnel ranging from thermal engineers to experts on thermoelectric material science. The team comprises of experts in product development and manufacture. They are graduates of the best universities in the world including Harvard and Caltech. The l manufacturing director has vast experience dating back to over two and a half decades where he was involved in shipping millions of product units.


Matrix power watch is giving the smart watch field a complete facelift with its stunning features. The fact that the watch can help the user keep fit by tabulating the amount of calories lost, it is water resistant and it can be synced with other apps such as the Apple health kit, makes the watch an irresistible gadget.


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