Android M May Feature Fingerprint Authentication

Android M May Feature Fingerprint Authentication


Google I/O is around the corner and everyone is eagerly waiting for what it has in store for them. The event will kick of on 28th May, 2015 and one of the most expected announcements is the new OS Android M. As had been earlier indicated by Google, the new OS is the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.

The most outstanding feature of Android M is the native finger-print authentication. If you’re new to this term, fingerprint authentication involves obtaining a digital representation of a fingerprint and comparing it to an already stored version of the finger-print. Digital pictures of fingerprints are captured by electronic finger-print scanners. The pictures are then processed into digital templates that contain the unique extracted features of the finger.

The digital fingerprint templates are stored in databases and used in place of traditional passwords for secure access. So, instead of typing a password, users place their finger on an electronic scanner which then compares the live fingerprint to the fingerprint template stored in a database to determine the identity and validity of the person requesting access.

Currently, many Android devices come with fingerprint scanners and the software for this recognition is usually developed by the handset makers themselves. But now, Android is building this recognition feature into the OS itself. This will make the work of the manufacturers easy since they will be required to only add the hardware for the fingerprint scanners to their devices.

It is believed that the first glimpse of Android M integration of fingerprint scanner would come with the next Google Nexus handset that is likely arrive in the second half of this year.

Fingerprint authentication has many advantages over the use of passwords. On top of the list is the fact that it uses an actual biologic characteristic to verify the identity of a person. It can, therefore, neither be stolen nor forgotten like passwords.

Other Things to Expect At the Google I/O

  • Android Pay – This mobile payment system has been confirmed but the full details have not been disclosed.
  • A new wearable – Considering how Google Glass failed, some are a bit wary of what Google might be up to this time round. Some also predict that it might just be Google Glass v2.
  • Android Wear on iOS – For this, we are 100 percent certain that it will be landing next week.

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