Google Glass Gets Closed Captioning Feature to Real Life


Google glass is something that has not exactly caught the world by storm or set it on fire either. To be honest, some think it still hasn’t even left its beta stage, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any great uses for this awesome headset. Presently, Google Glass has adapted two new apps, and these apps are the very thing that might be able to help it rise up from amid the ashes. Almost like the Phoenix Bird rising up from amid the ashes, as well, in addition.

Two very special apps

Amid the two apps that the Google Glass has attached to itself. One of them is truly considered to be a real life saver for those who are described as being hearing impaired. This one app can truly be life-changing in scope for the deaf and hearing-impaired people out there. The other app is all about being able to literally help movie theaters to sell tickets to potential movie goers. These two very special apps each do have their own meaning and function for many who may need them the most.

Captioning on glass is a closed-captioning type of application that is very real-time in description. It is designed specifically for usage by all those who are either deaf or hearing-impaired in nature. A person can also use it if they are just hard of hearing, as well, in addition. What this very special app does is very clear. It makes the speech that your partner is speaking out to you verbally to appear on the Google Glass screen for the other party who can’t hear to see.

What is the one catch?

The one catch that does exist with this that the other party does need to be speaking into a paired Android smartphone and the companion app does need to be running in the background. Google Glass already does have its very own built-in microphone and voice recognition software for usage. It is far better at recognizing the wearer’s voice first and foremost. It is not so good when it comes to voices that are in the background, however, but that is not a bad thing in essence.

What does the COG service use?

The COG service does use the paired phone’s microphone first of all. Secondly, it must be held up to the mouth of the person who is speaking, and this is so that it will be able to deliver much more accurate transcription in essence. Should the Captioning app transcribe something wrong? The speaker can pretty much correct it right away from within the phone app itself. This can be done by accessing a list of suggestions or even by entering the manual itself.

A good many of the Glass functions are triggered off with an OK Glass command and that is something that is followed by recognize this!

What does Preview for Glass do?

Preview for Glass is more about movies. Despite the fact that this app does have a lot of commercialism associated with it. It also does have a lot of new functionality that is definitely a big plus in its favor overall. This is because you can install the app and then wear Glass to a movie theater. You will then be able to instantly look at any movie poster at the theater and then the movie’s trailer will play on your headset.

Does Google Glass have real merits?

Though both of the new apps listed here may not be appealing to some. They will be to others. So, with this said, do try to be convinced about Google Glass overall merits. Because it does indeed have working merits in its own very special way that does make it stand out. These two new apps are just the thing to freshen it up and give it a whole new working face. Both of these “Recognize This!” apps are truly great apps for those who can use them regularly for their own personal use.

Both of these “Recognize This” apps can be downloaded and personally recognized by you

If you would like to download these two new apps that are now associated with Google Glass. All you have to do is go straight to the source links directly to get the downloaded done. These Source links are no other than what will be provided to you.


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