Apple's Big Plan to Develop a 12 Inch Big Ipad!

Apple’s Big Plan to Develop a 12 Inch Big Ipad!



Apple has been in several projects this year, they have developed their own brand new smartwatch, the Apple Watch, and they are planning to develop a new design for the iPad Mini this year too according to rumors. However, the big announcement hasn’t been announced, what Apple’s big plan here is to develop a 12 inch big iPad, so new functions will be available for users.

The 12 Inch Ipad

Why is the size of a tablet so important? The question is simple and the answer is too. Some people like to do stuff on bigger displays, some people like their tablets with smaller screens. Apple has to make a tablet that fits everyone’s taste since there are already two sizes available, a 9.7 inch and a 7.9-inch version. However, these versions are much smaller if you compare them to a 12 inch iPad. The latter may sound too big for several people, however, if you plan to use it at home or at your workplace, it could come handy. Let’s just see, you want to split your screen for two or more tasks, for example, you want to watch a video while writing a word document. This is a completely normal thing to do for people who transcribe videos since they have to make a word document from a video. If they can split their screens to two parts, one is the video and one is the word document, they can work even more efficiently and effectively, especially if they get their money on result based payments, so they will, most probably, get more money if they work more. And with splitting their screens, even on an iPad, they can use this option to gain more money.

12 Inch Ipad

This brand new big screened iPad will not only benefit transcribers, but other people too. Personally, I always liked to do several tasks constantly. For example, I always write my articles (like this), while doing a constant research for the benefit of the article to make it even better. With the 12 inch iPad, I could even split my screen to a document and a Google Chrome browser. So, while I do my research I don’t have to constantly switch the tabs, and believe me that could be pretty annoying, I have to only select the part of the screen that I want to use. This could be a quite great improvement from Apple, since with only this new option to split the screens (effectively, since on smaller devices it is not effective) they can get many new customers for the iPad.

New customers could help out the iPad of Apple since the product hasn’t done its best performance this year. Why do I say that? The Apple iPad has been not performing so good this year in sales since the expected ratio in sales did not meet the requirements. The company and most of the analysts expected there will be at least 15 million iPad sold last year, however, there Apple has sold only 12.6 million units of the device, which is more than 20% less than the predicted value. This is quite a bad news for Apple since the company is striving to keep the leader position in sales to be the most respected company of all. The reason why the sales have decreased was, because of the release of the iPhone 6 plus, which is a bigger version of the original one. This made customers buy that version of the phone instead of an iPad. Now, that Apple has seen this news, they will try to make a 12 inch iPad, which will, most probably, be released late this year, as has been anticipated by many websites on the internet.


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