Apple Watch Update: Let's See What is Coming in it!

Apple Watch Update: Let’s See What is Coming in it!


Apple has released its brand new smartwatch, the Apple Watch since at least a month, however, a month is not a long time for a major update since Apple is currently releasing one. Let’s see what’s inside this update!

The Major Update for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch hasn’t been as successful as Apple has planned. Only a few percentage of the people have bought it and the device has been the most popular in the United States. In Europe or in the other continents people are just not looking inside this trend and they simply just don’t buy the product. This could be due to the lack of fashion in the smartwatch area, I mean by that, that smartwatches haven’t been so popular outside of the North American continent. This could be a problem within the marketing section of the smartwatch manufacturer companies, they should have spent more money to create and make the smartwatch trend even more popular among potential customers. They have spent serious money to do so in the United States and Canada, however, they have forgotten to do the same in Europe and in Asia. I don’t write here all of the continents since the three biggest markets in the world are the American, European and Asian. I understand that the Asian market did not fit the companies’ marketing plan, since Asia is a market that could not be easily accessed by companies from other companies. Why? Asian people’s goals are to not to spend much on one product, especially for consumer electronics. That’s why they have their own companies where they purchase their phones, tablets and other products from. However, I do not understand why they haven’t done a marketing plan for Europe.

Major Update for the Apple Watch

The major update that Apple has released this morning is mostly a firmware upgrade for the Apple Watch, however, it includes some new features and minor tweaks in other sections of the device. Since the firmware is a pretty hard topic to write about, let’s discuss the tweaks and the other sections of the update that has been released this morning. Apple has seen that its smartwatch is not performing correctly in the area of measuring the moves and body details of the end users, so the company has considered tweaking the software part of the measuring. Hopefully, all body details will be measured precisely by the watch. This is a pretty important tweak to do and it was a must-do by Apple since the company has been always known for its preciseness. If the Apple Watch would be imprecise that would make the company’s fame unknown and that’s a thing that the firm wants to keep. Fame is a great thing in any situation. For a company, for a single person, for everybody. Fame can generate serious income in any situation if it is used by the people or person that has this attribute. That’s why Apple doesn’t want to lose this.

Tweak of the Third Party Programs

Apple has also tweaked the release of the third party software since there have been serious issues going on with those. What were those issues? Most issues were regarding the performance of the application that third party firms has released for the gadget. This is a serious issue since many developers have experienced that their applications not only have not been able to run smoothly, but that software that has been laggy were just useless. The programs were so slow that they couldn’t be used by anyone, so most people just deleted them from their devices. That’s why Apple has released a major tweak, to support third-party developers, since Apple has only released around 20 apps for the gadget and the company is not planning to release much in the future or so, that’s why they need the support of the third party developers.


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