Google Glass 2.0 Still Alive as Google Posts Jobs Online

Google Glass 2.0 Still Alive as Google Posts Jobs Online


Do you remember the Google Glass? It was the first smartglass that has been made by a company, however, the device was never released, since Google has realized that the gadget wouldn’t be as profitable as they have first thought it would be. Now, we have seen on the internet that several job postings have been advertised for different employees that could mean the restart of the Google Glass.

The Google Glass 2.0

Could the new Glass in works be the competitor for Microsoft’s upcoming HoloLens? Or will it be a completely different device with completely different functions? We don’t really know information about this, however, we can discuss both options (that’s why we are here).

If we see the first option, the one with being a competitor for the HoloLens, this option would seem reasonable for Google. Why? Microsoft has not been known for a company that releases the most quality products, however, Google has quite a great reputation in this category. Maybe the latter company will use this advantage to make a much better product than its rival. Who knows? Google has tons of surprises in its pocket that the company can use against Microsoft. Firstly, Google has more manpower than its rival since Microsoft is using most of their employees to work on the new Windows that will be released late summer or early fall. This could provide Google the time to develop a device that can be the worthy competitor for Microsoft’s HoloLens. If we choose this option to believe that Google is making a rival device for the HoloLens, then it is possible that the company has stopped the Google Glass project, since the company has seen that Microsoft has made a device that can project holograms to the eyes of the users. They thought that if they would have released their Google Glass, Microsoft would beat them with sales, since the latter company’s product have better functions than Google’s. Maybe that’s why the Glass is being redesigned, so it can also project holograms.

Google Glass 2.0

If we go with the second option, one with Google designing a device with completely different functions than the Microsoft HoloLens then it is a quite interesting choice. We have no clue what Google will make out of this, however, there are several options for the company to use. We already know that the base Google Glass project could record everything that the user has seen, could photo it too and use some apps inside the smartglass (for example GPS, map). I’m sure if Google goes with this strategy they will implement most of the apps that’s inside Android for better use. That would also open up a new market since if Google Glass 2.0 could strike into the Play Store, then lots of developers would make apps for the gadget and put them up to the market. This will make fresh new content and a profit boom for Google. Also, if the Glass has not been the most popular from the release of the device, it will be since the developers will provide fresh new content for the device. There is a chance that Google will put new functions in the device too. Do you remember Mini’s and Qualcomm’s brand new project? The augmented smartglass that is completely designed for driving purposes? Of course, you do. What if Google has implemented several new functions that would make their Glass 2.0 compatible with driving? What if the company has designed even more? What if Google designed its glass for not only driving but for flying and other purposes? It would be quite great to see a gadget that can do several things.

I’m pretty sure if Google catches on the idea the company will design a device that can do several things. If what I have written previously would come through, that Google is opening up a new market in the Play Store that would mean that there will be an option for developers to design software for driving cars or flying planes, and so on. I think that would be a fantastic choice from Google and from the developers!


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