Pebble Updates Devices

Pebble Updates Devices with Voice Recognition


You got your hands on some wearables and are worried that they may be out of date pretty quickly, you will be happy to learn that some of the most popular models out there are getting some upgrades. Moreover, these upgrades are some that matter when it comes to the functionality of these devices and some that can improve their portability and ease of use.

Recently, it’s the popular Pebble Time models that have gotten an upgrade with voice recognition, and while that might be a feature you expected would already be on wearables if you don’t own one, it will soon be here and ready to use for the users of Steel, Round and standard models of Pebble smartwatches.

Voice recognition has seen a rise in popularity recently with most 2015 phones including more advanced capabilities in that regard, and customers most likely wanted to see their smartwatches match these other devices. The pleasure of owning a wearable is not only that it’s more portable, but also that you’re able to do more things on the fly, and it looks like voice recognition will be one more way to do that.

A Must-Have Feature

Voice recognition should indeed become a must-have feature for most wearables, since they were meant to be used on the go, and pulling the thing out to accomplish the smallest action might feel tedious at times. This is when voice recognition comes into play and the small devices will now be on par with the current cellphones and tablets in that regard. Wearables accomplish tasks that are less complex than bigger devices and the lack of an easy-to-use keyboard needed to be addressed, and voice recognition should be able to do the work from this point on. The quick messages that can be sent back and forth will now be able to be composed through voice, which some users might consider to be quicker and more practical. More often than not, the messages sent with wearables will be quick and to the point and voice recognition can be perfect for that purpose.

Pebble Updates Devices with Voice Recognition

Examples of use could include a runner that’s simply too in the moment to take a look at the device and simply compose a message like “Will be there in a minute” that would perhaps be a pain to compose otherwise. Voice recognition could seem to be not that useful if your wearable isn’t used while really on the move, but the feature should still matter to plenty of users.

This feature will be able to be included in the Pebble apps and might affect a wide variety of things. Third parties will now be able to use the new functionality and put together apps that will be even more highly interactive.

Move By Pebble To Get To The Top

The competition is heating up in the world of wearables and this could come as a nice surprise to the Pebble owners which might have been wondering if they made the right purchase decision. While the step of convincing the public if wearables are the next way of life, the addition of voice commands could be another argument for casual tech fans to make the jump. An assistant on your wrist that you can talk to can obviously be an attractive thing to own. A smartphone can do a lot more, but a quick assistant that you can carry with you like a smartwatch is starting to gain some buzz.

The product can only be as good as the apps it provides, and most likely plenty of apps on the Pebble will come out improved from this. The power of smartwatches should be put in the hands of developers to see what they make out of it, and good surprises could always arise from it. Could talking to your smartwatch be more attractive than talking to your smartphone? It might very well be so, since people around you will at least know that you’re talking to the device. It might also be one of those features that were considered as add-ons for devices like computers, tablets and smartphones, but that will end up as crucial to a device like the smartwatch. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see what the competitors have to offer in that regard and who will end up with the best apps to offer.


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