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Microsoft HoloLens – Augmented Reality Headset


Virtual and augmented reality has become the focus and Microsoft is proud of its augmented reality headset. The release and unveiling of the Microsoft’s HoloLens took the public and technology lovers by surprise. Virtual reality had not made its mark yet and the development of augmented reality was already being unveiled. This was an achievement that deserves a standing ovation. The headset is a wearable technological and holographic device that only works or operates when worn. Microsoft made it good on its aim to develop wearable technology before anyone else.

The device is worn on the head and is not developed for children. It is fitted or wrapped around the head with a band. It is used on its own with no connections to a phone or any other device. The HoloLens headsets have the following features:


It is fitted with a depth camera with holographic lenses. The camera has a wide range of view of around 15 inches. The headset has cameras all around including at the front. These cameras are to be used to track movements by your head, hands and making a virtual video of your actual environment or surrounding at the time. This is enabled by movement sensors in the headset device.


The device uses transparent lenses. This makes it easy to perform various tasks such as the mixing and blending of holograms, virtual reality and actual environments in to one augmented reality. The lenses on the headset are two. Each eye operates independently meaning that the lenses are separate. The lenses are comprised of three lenses of different colors; the primary colors that make up the environment i.e. red blue and green. Light reflected to the lenses is diffracted and broken into many light particles bouncing off on the lenses. This enables you to view to see and perceive the objects surrounding you virtually. The virtual distance is the main trick made by this device.


This device is capable of showing you a hovering model of anything or any item that is in your present surrounding. This is quite interesting fact and an exciting factor to explore. The AR Headset is however much more advanced in its functionality. It can whip up different images and create a totally new 3D model or mix up an image from the present images in your current environment. The holograms create high definition images, which are an achievement in the virtual and augmented reality.

The best feature of this technology is that it is portable. This gives the user the ability to make 3D holograms and pin or lock the images in place enabling you to assess the hologram from all around. The portability of the device makes it possible to move around the locked hologram assessing and evaluating it. This feature is an added plus for the Microsoft HoloLens augmented headset device.

Gestures and Voice Controls

Voice and gestures are the main control features of this device except the clicker that allows you to smash things up. Some of the headsets physical control elements include the volume button, the power switch and the color or contrast button. The contrast button enables you to adjust the lenses to the suitable color. An added feature that will give the user the ability to hold onto virtual reality objects or the holograms is being incorporated into the headset. It will make manipulation of holograms in the 3D virtual space easier. It is aimed at improving the surrounding by modeling, developing, inventing and sculpturing apps to be used on the headset to enable some of these elements or properties.

Microsoft HoloLens- Transform your world with holograms

Voice control is aimed at issuing commands. The speakers of the headset are located on top and therefore they will seat on your head. In Games sound will be heard but the direction is dependent on you position and the location of the virtual object that is making the sound. This device incorporates real life factors into its operations. Controlling it should be a natural process as you do other things or your daily routine. Playing games and making simulations on the headset are future aspect but the reality is that they will be a hit. With the development of new and exhilarating apps each passing day, HoloLens Games are just around the corner.

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Augmented reality is a hit in each and every technological environment. The use of virtual and augmented reality has now advanced from just playing games and simulation activities to other industries such as architecture, fashion and design and art. The development of this technology has enabled further advancements in the manipulation of virtual reality space. It can now be used for various functions such as setting and exhibiting art work, playing 3D games, making 3D presentations of architectural buildings among others. The Microsoft HoloLens brought about development in new and innovative means of using the HoloLens and the Holograms. If you haven’t experienced device yet, you are behind in time. Purchase the Microsoft HoloLens augmented Reality Headset and you will not regret the Experience.


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