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Choosing Best Pedometers to help you Get Fit – Ultimate Guide


There are many fitness trackers out there making it important to have knowledge on the best pedometers. This will help you make informed decisions. Here are the best fitness trackers in 2016:

1. Striiv Smart Pedometer

Without any doubt, this pedometer has to be on this list. It is specially designed for people who are looking for the best quality step-tracking device. In addition to tracking the total number of steps an individual takes per day, it is designed to challenge the user to stay active for longer and beat their previous records. This is exactly what every determined individual needs. You are in a position to challenge your friends or challenge yourself using the in-built games as well. According to Striiv Smart Pedometer, it is equipped with advanced internal sensors to avoid fake steps that are picked up by other trackers. You can get it at $119.95 from Amazon and

2. Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone Up Move
Although this wearable has been replaced by other newer and costly fitness tracking devices, it remains to be an excellent fitness tracker if you are on a budget. In addition, it will work excellently just like any other expensive pedometer. The best thing about Up Move is its ability to clip on a pocket, or clothes or anywhere you wish. Just like many other pedometers, it can track the duration of your sleep as well. It has a companion Smartphone app that allows for step history review. It also provides fitness coaching advice. Buy it from Amazon or at $49.99.

3. Ultimate Omron Alvita Pedometer

Omron, the Japanese healthcare giant now has a pedometer known as Alvita. This tracking device has managed to keep things brief and to the point. It is equipped with a precise 3D sensor that allows it to detect varied walking steps. It can differentiate between brisk struts from lazy steps. Using its special action button, you can record some unusual activities that are not in line with your daily routine. The wearable can show daily averages, distance travelled as well as burned calories. Get this pedometer from Amazon or at $29.99.

4. Oregon Scientific PE320

Oregon Pedometers
You will come across numerous Oregon pedometers in the market today. However, the new PE320 remains to be the most straightforward device of them all. This fitness tracker is capable of measuring steps taken; distance walked and can reveal the time to boot. In addition, it allows users to customize targets and store them for around seven days on the fitness tracker itself. Users can as well adjust their device’s step counting sensitivity. Get it from or Amazon at $9.99.

5. Ozeri 4X3 Motion

This fitness tracker is equipped with triple axis sensors making it among the best and most precise pedometers available in the market today. This fitness tracker is in a position to accurately measure steps, calories burnt, time and speed. It is specially designed to allow placing anywhere on the body. If you are a professional athlete, this is the perfect fitness tracker you will ever have. It accurately records lap, split times and daily totals. Additionally, it features a calendar, timer and a clock making it your best fitness companion. These additional features add extra functionalities to give you a better fitness tracking experience. It can be bought from or Amazon at $49.99.

6.Fitbit Zip

Fitbit is renowned for its capability to make fitness trackers in all sizes and shapes. However, its Zip is straightforward and maybe the most eye-catching pedometer. It has a simple dongle that allows for clipping anywhere on the body so that you can accurately monitor the steps you take, the calories you burn as well as the distance covered. It is capable of syncing data wirelessly to your smartphone as well as to the web. In addition, it offers tips and advice to help you up your fitness levels. It is available in five different colors such; blue, charcoal, lime, magenta and white. Get it from Amazon or at $49.99.

Fitbit Zip

7. 3D CSX Walking Pedometer

The 3D CSX Walking Pedometer is a perfect fitness tracker for anyone looking to live a healthy life. It will make your daily fitness activities fruitful and exciting as well. It accurately tracks the number of steps you take, calories burned and distance covered. In addition, once you purchase this fitness tracker you receive 18 months warranty and an eBook known as Yourself Fitter. It is equipped with a tri-axis sensor that is able to work from any part of your body. It has a 7-day memory that provides instant feedback on daily activities and ensures that users remain focused on their goals. Get it from Amazon at $23.

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Today, there are numerous ways to get you fit within a short time. However, pedometers remain to be the best fitness tracking gadgets that are safe and healthy to use. A great pedometer should be in a position to track your heart rate, skin temperature, precisely count your steps, monitor your sleep and offer some fitness tutorials.


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