Technology to Holoprot

Microsoft Utilizes Technology to Holoprot You into a Conversation Somewhere Else


Holoport is a device which the Microsoft has been currently working on which aims to bring conversation with people who are not present at that instant. Interactive 3D Technologies have created software for HoloLens which is a lot like the hologram shown in the movie Starwars. This system uses a specialized 3D camera rigs which records the movement and speech of the person and send it to the person wearing the HoloLens, so that it appears to him as that person is right in front him; so both of them can interact with each other. The cameras record a person through different angles and the images obtained are then stitched together to create a 3D world so that a person sees an object of 3D shape. A person can even project himself as a hologram. It is also a marvel that holoportation can be recorded and played by the user whenever he wants. Izadi describes it as walking in a memory where the contents can be even miniaturised. It’s all about teleporting to any place with anyone at any time.

IT’s a product of Microsoft research’s Interactive 3D technology’s group which recently released its YouTube video showing several different people being in the same area, interacting with Sharam Izadi who is head manager of this particular project. At the same time when Izadi was being recorded in person, others who joined him were displayed as digital rendering while they were recorded in another room with similar objects just as in the 1st room. In the video it looks like both people are in the same room, but while looking through HoloLens, if the person moves his head; the hologram disappears. This technology has been previously used by astronauts and scientists to walk on Mars surface without even stepping outside their office.

Although there are many key parts which are missing which are necessary for human interaction

  • The people who appear as a hologram appears to be floating instead of standing like a regular human being
  • People using holoport cannot touch each other and it’s possible to walk right through the hologram
  • There is also a matter of holoport field of view-the users can only see their partners as in a rectangular window only at the centre of their vision

Holoport Field of View

It’s hard to know about it without trying it oneself but Alex Kilpman head of the HoloLens project at Microsoft showed off its capabilities at the TED conference in Vancouver. Jeff Norris, a scientist from NASA joined him on the stage digitally, but of course he had some help in a form of a camera rig with the help of the camera rig and the two of them discussed the potential of the HoloLens regarding scientific discoveries. It was an immediate hit there.

There are many good points to it, but one of the major points is that people are now able to interact to others who are not beside them at all. It also holds an important position for the government officials and important prisoners who can be transported directly to the site without any danger to their life. Its interesting capabilities may make it important for

businesses that will be able to purchase the HoloLens when it will be available for general sale in the near future. Right now it’s unclear whether holoport will be available for commercial use as it needs specifically designed cameras although Microsoft will be transporting this 3000USD device to the developers March 30 onwards. It is not going to be immediately usable by the people who get their hands on the first set of this product.

This is the first step initiated by Microsoft for the possible future of the 3D holograms in the future where we can interact with them just as we would have done if they were beside us. People have given it the name of ‘future Skype’.

To Conclude

This is a very big breakthrough and will bring some great benefits to mankind. It will make a great difference in conducting business, in the military and with some more ordinary things such as talking to relatives, family or friends who live far away and we cannot see them face to face so to speak.


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