Lifeband Touch: What Does This Fitness Tracker Do For You?


There are numerous fitness trackers that track your activities among other functions. At present, technology has taken a new turn. Developed by LG Inc., Lifeband touch activity tracker is a perfect example of connectivity and fitness coming into play. The Lifeband touch activity tracker works in conjunction with the LG fitness app that is compatible with iOS 6 or later and Android 4.3 or later with special consideration for LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4 that run on Android 4.2. The application allows its users to share their data on social media as well as other platforms.


Axis accelerometer within the Lifeband touch enable the device to monitor body movements. This works to count the number of steps and distance traveled. This feature measures movement all round.The altimeter allows the device to measure movements in an upward and downward motion.The Lifeband touch activity tracker uses a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 120 hours with bluetooth off. With the bluetooth link on, the device battery lasts for approximately 60 hours. The device uses a micro-USB cable to charge.The use of bluetooth low energy technology not only allows users to transfer data wirelessly, but also allows the users to receive call, emails and text notifications.

How to use?

Once the device is strapped to your wrist, the user presses the button at the top of the screen to set the mode of the device. The wearer begins the workout as the basic fitness data is displayed on the OLED touch screen. For further analysis, the data is wirelessly transfered to the LG fitness application. Wearers who wish to monitor their heart rate can attach the LG heart rate monitor earphones to the Lifeband activity tracker. The data will then be displayed on the touch screen.

Unique features

Which is the best way to psych up your exercising session? You got it right, music. The Lifeband has music control that allow users to control their music playlist as they workout. The device has an OLED touch-scroll screen that enables users to give commands to the device. It also displays data based on the user’s activities. The LED hues change colors and flicker depending on the mode in which the device is in.Gesture recognition technology that enables the gadget to identify the type of activity being performed by the wearer.The LG heart rate monitor earphones are used to monitor the heart rate. Unfortunately they have a poor battery life of approximately 4 hours. This additional accessory is optional to users of the Lifeband touch.

What the gadget can do for you?

With the Lifeband touch activity tracker, the options are endless. Some of the e functions include:

  • Monitors the activities done in terms of steps taken and distance traveled.
  • Analyzes the calories burnt throughout the work out sessions.
  • When paired with the LG heart rate monitor earphones, this gadget can monitor the user’s heart rate as they workout.
  • Gives notifications on incoming calls, text messages and emails so you do not have to miss out on anything.

Customer reviews

There has been a lot of frenzy surrounding the Lifeband touch activity tracker. Many of the customers have expressed their satisfaction with the device sighting its versatility. Lack of screen visibility under direct sunlight was a disappointment considering the fact that the device is mainly used outdoor. More disappointed was registered by the iOS platform users since they could not receive text notifications.


The Lifeband touch does not limit you to just the LG fitness app. The devices works in conjunction with other fitness application on various platforms. This versatile LG activity tracker monitors your personal activities and allows you ease in accessing your data. Paired with the LG heart rate monitor earphones, this device is a force to reckon with. The coaching capabilities of this device will ensure you reach your fitness goals.


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