Basis B1: Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep & Stress


Health is a major concern for many people. As such, technology in the health sector has evolved to ensure that individuals can personally monitor their health at their own convenience. One such evolution is in the development of wearable health trackers. Developed by the Basis Company, Basis B1 is one of the most sort after wearable health trackers. The foundation of the Basis B1 is based on the heart rate. However, this is not all the device has to offer. This wearable heath tracker by Basis has a variety of services it offers to its users, such as monitoring physical activities and the quality of your sleep.


The device is inclusive of an accelerometer that monitors the heart rate by measuring movements due to physical activities performed.Thermometers embedded in the device enable it to monitor temperatures. One thermometer monitors the wearer’s body temperatures and detect any changes, whereas the other thermometer monitors environmental temperatures.Galvanic Skin Response Sensors are used to monitor the state of the skin in terms of hydration. This technology enables the Basis B1 to track the user’s perspiration rate and skin moisture content.The Basis B1 uses a lithium ion battery that lasts up to 6 days when fully charged. However, the duration may fluctuate depending on the individual usage of the device.

How to Use?

The Basis B1 is user friendly. Its ease in use makes it accepted across all divides. Using the device starts by simply wearing it on the wrist and fastening it into place. The sensors at the back of the display screen should be in contact with the hand. The combination of different sensors enable the device to monitor the type of activities done, the body and ambient temperatures, sleep quality, heart rate and sweat levels. The device compiles the information and uses the results to determine your health status.

Unique Features

This wearable gadget has an always-on screen display. This enable the device to monitor your health at all times. It also enables the users to gain access to their information at any time.Unlike many other health trackers that use one sensor to health, Basis B1 uses multiple sensors for the same purpose. This ensures accuracy in the results recorded.The device has two syncing platforms. The wireless platform entails pressing the side button twice while the iOS or Android application is one. This allows for wireless transmission of data from the watch to your device via Bluetooth. The wired platform uses a USB cable to transfer data from the gadget to the PC.

What the gadget can do for us?

The Basis B1 performs a variety of functions

  1. Monitors the heart rate of the wearer.
  2. Monitoring the sleep quality.
  3. Detecting different types of activities such as walking, running and cycling. The device then monitors the progress made.
  4. Recording body temperature.
  5. Tracks the perspiration rate of the user.

Customer Reviews

Since its conception, Basis B1 has gained a lot of popularity especially among health conscious people. Most customers gave this device a thumbs up due to the accurate results it conveyed. The durability of its battery has appealed too many who would not like to frequently charge their device. Although this application is limited to Android and iOS platforms, the gadget display option does not crowd out users. Its interchangeable straps are welcomed by many as it allows them to match their device with their outfits.


Do not let the looks deceive you. This digital watch look-alike has a lot to offer. With the Basis B1 you can now monitor your health at various levels. This wearable gadget has over 4 sensors that monitor different aspects of your health and give accurate results on your health status. Think health, think Basis B1.


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