Fitbug ORB: The Ultimate Fitness Tracker


It is a desire for many people to attain that flawless body type. Ladies would like to keep fit and preserve their body shape and size, while men desire to get those gorgeous looking abs and to die for biceps. However, for proper fitness analysis one needs to keep records of their physical activities to monitor their progress. Fitbug ORB does all this for you. Fitbug ORB is an affordable fitness tracker that not only monitors your activities but also monitors the sleep quality and tracks the amount of calories burnt. This wearable fitness gadget works in conjunction with a smartdevice application that allows the gadget to display its data.


The device uses LED lights to identify the mode in which the gadget has been set. The LED lights flash in different frequencies. Fitbug uses a bluetooth low energy technology to wirelessly transfer data from the gadget to a smartdevice or PC. The devices is equipped with a number of sensors that enable it to monitor activities, count the steps taken and analyze the quality of sleep experienced by the wearer.

How to use?

The device can be used as a pedometer in which case, it is attached to the clip and worn on the belt or carried in the pocket. If the device is being used to monitor intense activities, it is attached to the wrist straps and worn on the wrist. Once the activity is done, the user can use three different means to transfer the data. The en-route setting give live feed, the Beacon feature allows for automatic transfer of data on pre-set daily intervals and manual streaming whereby the users transfers his steps to the app. For counting down the calories burnt, the wearer uses the application to predict this figure by keying in the meals into the application platform for analysis.

Unique features

One of the most unique features about this versatile gadget is the different ways in which it can be worn. This button sized device come with three wearable options. A wrist strap to enable the gadget be worn like a watch and a clip to enable the device be clipped on the on the belt or other accessories all depending on the use and the activity. This device does not have a rechargeable battery. It uses a replaceable lithium battery that needs replacement at least once every six months.

What the gadget can do for you?

  • The Fitbug ORB offers a wide range of services to the wearer.
  • This device counts the steps made and monitors the activities performed.
  • Fitbug ORB tracks the amount of calories burnt.
  • This gadget monitors the quality of sleep of the wearer.

Customer reviews

Most users were excited with the low price of the device. This was further enhanced by the accurate results the device recorded. The diverse ways of wearing this gadget was a thumbs up. Consumers were impressed with the wireless capability of the device to transform data to a PC or a smartdevice. The free lifetime membership to KiK is an added advantage to all users. It is however unfortunate that this wearable fitness gadget cannot be used across all platforms. The application that complements this device is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and iPod touch 5 or higher version of each. The application also applies to a small number of Android devices. This is a source of dissatisfaction for many users.


We can all agree that there are numerous fitness tracking devices in the market. However, the Fitbug fitness tracker holds an edge over other competitors. Its unique design makes it user friendly and convenient to have. With weekly reports, this device keeps you informed on your progress. Keep fit with the Fitbug wearable fitness tracker.


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