Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma Yoga Wheel – Fitness Mobility and Stretching Solution


Yoga originated from ancient Indian mental, spiritual and physical exercises and was introduced to the western world in the beginning of the 19th Century. Following the extensive documentation on the health benefits of the ancient practice, the physical practice element of Yoga has grown popular over the past decades. The benefits to Yoga practitioners include increased flexibility, improved respiration, increased muscle strength and tone as well as enhanced metabolism and weight loss.

Dharma Yoga Wheel is the first ever fitness wheel for Yoga enthusiasts and is designed in a way that complements the practitioner’s physical actions while releasing back, shoulders, abdomen as well as leg and hip tension through stretching. The wheel is suitable for everyone ranging from fitness veterans to household fitness devotees. It helps users increase their mobility, improve their athletic performance, develop body strength and rapidly burn fat by increasing the body’s metabolic action.

Defining the Dharma Yoga Wheel

Defining Yoga Wheel
The wheel is a Yoga support tool made to increase and enhance the effectiveness of exercises and is available in various sizes and in different materials. It is suitable for both beginners who may be having challenges with achieving basic forms of the Yoga exercises as well as veteran practitioners who are looking to improve their sessions by using an innovative assistance tool. It has similar functionalities to the foam roller which was created for the specific purpose of complementing Yoga practice.

DYW was founded in 2014 and was a creation of Vamos and Vargas who had intent of helping people of all body types to benefit from the health improving ability of Yoga. The wheel currently has a cult following including several celebrities like pop music icon Britney Spears. Its design is specifically meant for supporting the spine curve and in stretching the back for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is easily accessible from the product’s website where the wheel’s creators have included a series of instructional videos that show the best way to apply the innovative exercise tool. Starting off with simple rolling exercises, the wheel’s training involves an array of poses and exercises developed by the founders to increase flexibility, tone the body and improve overall health.

Variety of Dharma Yoga Wheel

Variety of Dharma Yoga Wheel
There are seven different wheels that have various functions and compositions. The original wheel has a 12-inch diameter and has a weight of 4-kgs. It has a matte turquoise finishing and is made using TPE. Designed for the purposes of stretching and balancing, the original wheel is made by hand in the US and the recommended height of its users ranges between 5 Feet to 5 Feet and 11 inches.

The second available option is the Plus Wheel whose properties are the same compared to the Original wheel. It also comes with a matte white finishing and is fit for taller Yoga practitioners. A smaller Travel Wheel is also available from Dharma Yoga Wheel that is around half the original wheel’s size and is made to enable users roll out tension after long periods of travel. Its petit size, with a diameter of 6 inches, makes the travel wheel perfect for storage in luggage or a backpack.

Eco Wheel

Other available options of the Dharma Yoga Wheel include the Eco Wheel that is an environmental friendly version made entirely using composite glass and recycled plastic. There is also a Mini Wheel that is a smaller version made for children and has a diameter of 10 inches. The last available version is the Wood Wheel which offers a solution that is aesthetically organic and has an antimicrobial cork finishing. The Yoga wheels are priced starting at $99 for the Original and Mini Wheels while the Plus Wheel is priced at $109.

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The Dharma Yoga Wheel may deceptively appear as a simple cylinder but the truth is that the wheel is a pretty useful exercise tool. It becomes especially handy to have the wheel around when you want to work with backbend practices although this innovative tool still has other uses. Its versatility is a big benefit for anyone interested in using the wheel as it is applicable in various Yoga skill levels.

Teachers also find this Yoga wheel especially useful when they need to work with small groups or their private clients. Even though the $100 price tag may make it a bit pricey for most Yoga students, this wheel is intriguing enough to be taken for a worthwhile fitness roll.


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