Wearable Devices to Retain Memories

Surprise Your Friends With Best Wearable Devices to Retain Memories


From robots that resemble humans in almost all aspects to driver less cars and Smartphone apps that have proven to perform a wide variety of things, the past ten years have been characterized by dramatic improvements in the fields of technology and science. Experts predict that the best is yet to come and people should brace themselves to more amazing advances in the next decade.

The Brain-Net

In the future, people will be treated to a slow transition from the internet to a brain-net whereby emotions, thoughts, memories and feelings could be instantly transmitted across the planet. This is according to a theoretical physics professor from the New York City University Dr. Michio Kaku. Scientists are now able to connect the brain to a computer and decode your thoughts and memories. Eventually, this could revolutionize entertainment and communication.

On Music

Additionally, future movies will be in a position to convey feelings and emotions rather than just images. Teenagers will be treated to an advanced social media experience whereby they will be able to share sensations and memories from their first dates, senior prom and so much more. Writers and historians will be capable of recording events both digitally and emotionally and most probably, tensions amongst people will reduce and people will start feeling and experiencing other peoples’ pain.

Low Cost 3D Printers

According to Dr. Ray Kurzweli, a pioneering computer scientist, inventor and Google’s engineering director, by the year 2025, people will see 3D printers that print their cloths at lower costs. Although there will be more than enough open source designs for free, people will still be willing to spend downloading clothing files of their choice just the same way people today spend loads of money on music, eBooks, and movies things they would get for free online.

These 3D printers will be in a position to print human organs with the DNA of the patient providing a lot of organs supply without any rejections. This will be done using some modified stem cells, and it will be possible to repair damaged organs using reprogrammed stem cells.

3d Printer

Moreover, people will spend a lot of time in augmented and virtual realities allowing them to visit one another even when thousands of miles apart. Surprisingly, people will be in a position to feel each other by touch using new reality avatars. It will be possible to reprogram the biology of humans to ensure that people are immune from aging and many diseases, for instance, the deactivation of cancerous stem cells that cause cancer or the retard atherosclerosis progression, which causes heart disease.

Wearable Devices

According to some experts, by 2025, the world of wearable mobile devices will be massive than anyone could imagine. The Internet will be available for all people linking communities, nations, companies and people to the entire world’s knowledge. This will help accelerate commerce, entertainment, jobs, health care and education in real time. Artificial Intelligence might as well become smarter than humans, and it will be available in hospitals, robots, homes and autos creating the artificial intelligence economy.

The merging between robots and humans both physically and digitally will help treat patients and robot-surgeons will be operating patients remotely. Additionally, RoboDocs will be in a position to deliver babies and also treat people over the phone. Moreover, people should expect to see predictive medicine that will be capable of transforming the health care sector completely.

Health Care Sector

There will be free DNA sequencing capable of predicting someone’s future and disease diagnosis medical equipment that are able to sniff peoples’ breath allowing for early diagnosis. Personalized genetic medicine capable of preventing diseases and saving lives will also be available. The future Bitcoin generation will successfully replace the traditional hard money leading to a new digital business and commerce paradigm creating a new and legitimate economy.

Currently, researchers have a wide range of ways to look into the bodies and brains of people to understand their behavior and attitudes. Some years ago, researchers from Harvard demonstrated that leaders have less stress as opposed to non-leaders and other researches from the Ben-Gurion University showed that judges tend to hand out judgments that are more strict prior lunch when they are the hungriest.


Although technologies are not that important, what the society does with them is what matters. Additionally, experts speculate that people haven’t seen the best in wearables, artificial intelligence and technology just yet. In the next decade, life will dramatically change making life easier and much exciting.


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