Anti Snore Wearable Device

Anti Snore Wearable Device – Fact You Should Know


Anti Snore Wearable Device is a gadget that prevents you from snoring. This great device is in the process of securing funding to help it’s manufacturing successful through Kickstarter Campaign. According to a research carried out, 70% of people snoring do so while sleeping on their back.

Therefore, this device helps a snoring person turn to the side of the wearable device when he/she begin to snore. While the snorer is turning to the wearable side, his/her airways are opened and the person stops snoring. This wearable device is made effective and functional by the Do I Snore App in your Smartphone.

The app senses your snoring sounds and emits a signal to the device immediately when you start to snore, making the wearable vibrate and enable you change your sleeping position. Adopting this great wearable device guarantees you quiet and peaceful nights and wonderful mornings.

Features of Anti Snore Wearable Device

  • Has a soft strap that is made to be easily stretchable and comfortable.
  • Has a Bluetooth vibration, which is small in size and very efficient and fits within your armband hostler ensuring that the wearable is easy to use.
  • Made up of premium hostler, which is flexible and allows the wearable to be stretchy according to your sleeping position which helps you sleep comfortably without disturbances at night.

Anti Snore Wearable Device

Special Do I Snore App

The wearable device utilizes the Do I Snore App, which is free and accessible through the Play Store and the App Store. The app runs on any of Android 4.3 or higher Smartphone and iOS gadgets 7 or above. The Do I Snore app is capable of working effectively for two people who share a bed as far as every person’s phone microphone works to sense his/her snoring.

The microphone is able to sense which of the two user’s sound is near and allowing the microphone to gather precise sleep information. The app also is able to carefully tell whose sound is captured and which gadget should act in response. The app’s radius is estimated to be one foot. Any user of the Anti Snore Wearable Device is able to easily set his/her phone on the same side of their bed and is guaranteed to have correct vibrations of their wearables and have precise data in the morning.

Pricing of the Wearable

You will be able to receive your device with a minimum amount of $69 or more in June 2017. Anyone can take part in the Kickstarter Campaign regardless of where they are in the world with contribution of $149 to $349 and are entitled to receive Duo Pack of the Anti Snore Wearable Device in August 2017. For those who wish to guarantee $349 to $699 will have five Anti Snore

Wearable Devices and will receive these devices in August 2017 regardless of where they will be in the world. $699 to $5000 promise will be guaranteed to receive ten Anti Snore Wearable Device anywhere in the world. Lastly, those who pledge contribution of $5000 and above will have a chance to visit the Michiel’s offices and be taken trough the Anti Snore Wearable Device production stages.

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The Person Behind Anti Snore Wearable Device

Michiel Allessei is the person who is behind designing this excellent device. He is from Purmerend in Netherlands serial, the founder of, sleep doctor and a serial entrepreneur who loves technology and is interested in finding practical sleep solutions. This is the first anti snore wearable that Michiel has founded through the Kickstarter Campaign.
The Campaign has received $20,246 but aim to raise a total of $100,000 by the end of December 14 this year. Practically, the Campaign has got only twenty-seven days to its expected ending date. Michiel has a unique interest in IoT and wearables.

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If you are looking for an effective anti snore wearable device, this is ideal for you. It is an excellent way to help you change your snoring habits as you are required to basically sync your anti snore wearable Bluetooth gadget with your Smartphone and drift off to sleep.

When you are asleep, the wearable will immediately vibrate when you start to snore and thus, help you coach your body to adjust your sleeping position. If you desire to own the device, you are required to go back to the campaign (Kickstarter Campaign) to make sure that you get your device.


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