New Actofit Wearable Tracking Device

The New Actofit Wearable Tracking Device will Help You Bulk Up in Gym


This is a wrist wearable device that helps you in your workouts; built by tech and fitness enthusiasts. It works by automatically tracking your exercises motion and analyze them to give you relevant information that will help you to improve on your workouts. It is also an important device that tracks your heart rate, steps, sleep, and measures the calories burned. It tracks the activities to the scale and versatility.


The device looks as if it is a mash-up of Fitbit and Garmin tracker packs. It uses a 9-axis motion sensor setup that entails a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer. It has an inbuilt optical sensor used to measure the heart rate. The device comes along with an Actofit companion app. It has a display OLED touchscreen of 0.91-inch and a wrist with a size of 145mm to 195mm. It is designed to analyze patterns in order to identify the kind of exercise at hand. Each and every exercise has specific motion signatures. The device has touch button for navigation.

How the Wearable Device Works?

The device uses machine learning algorithms to track motion in 3D. This enables it to identify your exercise, evaluate your forms, and count your reps, measure the calories burned and also the heart rate. Calories burned are estimated based on your exercises and heart rate. It helps you to identify different activities. It recognizes more than 75 gym exercises and evaluates the form by comparing the motion tracked and compares it to the inbuilt database in terms of speed, the range of motion and trajectory. It monitors your heart rate as well as estimate power, force and velocity with the help of an optical sensor. The device also includes running which has an auto sport tracking mode. To keep you moving especially during the day, the device uses idle alerts. After tracking your exercises, it analyzes them with the help of the app.

Actofit Companion App

Actofit companion app
This app comes along with the wearable device and it supports iOS and Android operating system. You should install it on your smartphone. The app collects all your workout data and analyses it. It helps you identify the workouts that are or not working for you through the analysis of historic logs. The smartphone is wirelessly connected via a Bluetooth low energy.

The wearable device battery and memory
The device contains a 150mAh battery. It has a USB port which enables you to recharge it for about 1 hour using a magnetic USB cable. It has a battery life of 5 to 7 days. The device has 8GB internal memory. This enables storage of your data on the device in case you will or have to leave your phone behind.

Actofit tools

  • Actofit analytics which is a powerful tool that helps in analyzing your workouts.
  • Training programs that enable you to identify the workout that will help you bulk up in gym based on your profile. The tool allows you to access the training program with ease.
  • Exercise specific calorie, which is used measure the calories burned.
  • Personalized tracking tool enables you to have a personal and individual form. The system easily adapts to your patterns.
  • Added new exercises– it is a platform that enables you to identify activities such as yoga. It enables you to track and record exercises that are absent in its database.

The Device added Lifestyle Features

  • A smart auto alarms and idle alarms– with this feature the wristband process various algorithms automatically to wake you up.
  • NFC access control feature enables uniqueness of the device. They can be mapped with a particular signature that allows you to enter or exit gym facilities.
  • Calendar reminders
  • Text and call notification support
  • It has a connected GPS


  • The device helps to keep track of your daily workouts.
  • It monitors your heart rate.
  • The device tracks your steps and sleeps patterns.
  • It records your data automatically hence minimal chances of disturbance.
  • It automatically identifies count sets and reps and also the exercise.
  • The wearable device provides you with relevant metrics which include velocity, force, power, tonnage, work output and explosive strength.
  • It is water resistant.


  • The device does not allow for manual entry of data.
  • In some exercises such as kettlebell, you will have to change the wrist band orientation; failure to this results to damage in the device.


The wearable device is available in red, black, blue and purple color. It is packaged in a small carton together with the magnetic USB cable.

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Actofit fitness tracker is an effective wearable device that tracks your workouts and provides you with the relevant metrics. Other than this, the device tracks your sleep patterns, quality and duration, steps and measures the calories burned and the heart rate. It automatically tracks your exercise motion, create seamless logs and enable you to evaluate the data. This allows you to make an informed decision on the same. It makes it easy for you to track your exercises. This allows you to carry optimum workouts.


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