ViBand is Transforming the Future of Smartwatch Industry

ViBand is Transforming the Future of Smartwatch Industry


ViBand is a wearable smartwatch that has been configured in such a way that it can detect objects that you are touching or are in contact with. This is the extent to which this wearable is ‘smart.’ You could be using a blender in the kitchen, a screwdriver in the garage or even playing guitar while wearing this smartwatch and it can tell you with absolute accuracy what you are doing or holding in real time. It can even differentiate when you are clapping your hands or even snapping your fingers. But how exactly does this smartwatch perform these interesting tasks?

How it works?

The accelerometer of an ordinary smartwatch operates as 100 Hz but for the ViBand smartwatch, it operates at nearly 40 times that of the typical smartwatch. This reconfiguration gives this watch the ability to pick up or detect micro-vibrations that are transferred through the hand from whatever object that is being touched. As a result, it can determine the source and type of input, a process called Bio-acoustic Sensing. This technology involves the analysis of ultrasounds and vibrations on the premises of their creation or source of origin, mode of detection and similarities to the materials through which they are emitted or travel through. This form of technology has been utilized in different fields from medicine to industrial processes and here is just an example of its breakthrough.


Externally, this wearable tech device resembles an ordinary smartwatch in every aspect from design to shape and color. It has a touch sensitive screen from which you can input commands and navigate its menu just like a smartwatch. The watch can be connected to a computer monitor through which you can clearly see the acoustic graphs from the different objects in use. However, the real difference comes in the smart watch’s functionality and internal features which includes the reconfigured accelerometer that is more powerful than that of an ordinary smartwatch. The watch also features motion sensors in the straps. It is through these sensors that the watch can detect the type of vibration (however small it may be) and as such capture user input and origin of the vibration.

ViBand Features


This smartwatch has surely revolutionized the technological world. It can be argued that it is basically an improvement of RFID and QR codes functionality processes. ViBand has managed to redefine the concept of Bio-acoustic sensing. A typical example of the importance of this watch is its use in the music industry. For those who love playing the guitar, this smartwatch can act as your tutorial guide and help you form notes according to preference; whether flat or sharp. Vibro-tags in door knobs, for instance, can become handy when using this device due to their ability to emit minute vibrations that can be detected and analyzed.


Despite ViBand’s breakthrough in the contemporary world of smart watches, it still has some issues it needs to address or contend with. This smartwatch is not just meant to detect vibrations and leave it at that; there should be some significance to the results obtained. Though it has managed to solve some of the developing lifestyle challenges, a lot still needs to be explored in order to get the best out of this smartwatch. It has also been established that the Bio-acoustic technology that this device uses can detect a majority of devices the wearer is using including non-electronic devices, but not all of them. It is also important to note that while this smartwatch can be configured with Android and IOS devices, it is particularly challenging to do so with iWatch 2, Apple’s trendiest smartwatch.

Promising Future?

As already mentioned, Bio-acoustic technology is not a new concept in the contemporary technological field. Several vibration detecting devices have been invented in the past but many have ended up becoming obsolete. However, the way the Ph.D. students from Carnegie Mellon University used it to configure ViBand is ingenious and promising. As at the moment it, ViBand has compatibility issues with some devices not to mention its limited range of uses but research is underway and this new concept is set to be the pacesetter in the smartwatch industry. It is possible to configure the watch with Android and iOS by updating them but Apple will need to step up its efforts in order to make it compatible with all of its devices.

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The future looks bright for those who love technological gizmos and ViBand smartwatch by LG G Watch is an embodiment of that hope. In the modern market, there are plenty of wearable that basically use the same concept even though they seem and look different. This is because different tech firms are competing for the attention, and money, of one customer and therefore they try to be as unique as possible. The ViBand smartwatch is unique courtesy of its redefined Bio-acoustic technology. What’s more is that it also possesses the attributes of a typical smartwatch which makes it a complete package. Despite its limitations, which can be rectified with time, it is a worthy investment for both the manufacturer and the consumers.


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