Atlas Wrist Wearable Fitness Tracker

Atlas Wrist Wearable Fitness Tracker


This is a wrist wearable fitness tracker that helps you to analyze your fitness goals or targets 24/7. It is also referred as fitness coach as it is a device that helps you keep track of your heart even when you are sleeping. It is a device that is sold at$130 only but is partially funded by Kickstarter and now sold at half the price. You are advised to take the offer and purchase one wrist watch wearable for your own fitness goals. This is a device that has a special feature as it can be able to talk to you. The wearable will respond tom your request if you ask what next activity is fit for you. It will help you undertake the best and appropriate exercises for improved performance. The device can be used both during the day and night to helps you achieve your fitness targets or goals.

Manufacturer’s Information and Claims about the Wrist Wearable Device

This is a device that is manufactured by Shape Company. This is a company that is known to produce effective and trusted fitness devices to help you keep track of your fitness performance. It is a device that has distinct characteristics that help this fitness tracker deliver satisfied results. The wearable is able to work for 24/7 to help you track your fitness results regardless of the time of the day or night. The device uses powerful technology that ensures that the wearable delivers results always without failure. The wrist wearable is easy to use as you can adjust to fit your wrist too tight or loosen it until you are comfortable with it. The fitness tracker is able to talk to you as you can ask this device of the next best exercise to do and it will respond to you. This is a special feature that makes this wearable your coach.

Wrist Wearable Feature

Special Characteristics that are Distinctive to this Fitness Tracker

This is a fitness tracker that has distinctive features that help it be effective and guarantees you results:

  • 24/7 Wearable – it is a device that is effective in tracking g your daily activities such as rate of metabolism throughout the day. It also keeps track of your sleeping patterns during the night. This will help you lead a healthy life throughout your days.
  • Audio Coaching – this is a wrist wearable that is capable of talking to you as you request. The device will tell you of the next appropriate step that you ought to take for best results. The device has a human feature to make you talk like you have a human coach.
  • Heart Rate Tracking- this is a fitness device that helps you keep track of your heart rate. It helps you maintain the ideal zone for a healthy heart. It will indicate to you when you are at a high speed to slow and when you are slow to increase your pace. It helps your heart work within the accepted endurance levels.
  • Coach IA – this is a wearable that learns your patterns as you use it. It will suggest for effective workouts for you as you get used to it for better performance. This will ensure that you get optimum results during a workout.
  • Smart Workouts – with this device, you are able to perform workouts even without the use of physical equipments. This is a reliable fitness tracker that results to satisfied results even when you will not be using the physical equipments
  • smart workouts

  • HIIT – this is High Intensity Interval Training which is effective in making sure that you burn calories of fats effectively. It will help you keep a healthy weight through keeping a required heart rate and boosting anaerobic fitness for a better body shape.
  • Integrated with Google Fit, Health Kit and Atlas Dashboard- these health platforms helps you achieve maximum results and reach your fitness goals easily.
  • Music Services- this is a device that works perfectly while allowing music on the background. This will help make the workout sessions be enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Mysocycles- this is a wearable device that uses scientific approach while training. It will help you obtain a maximum progress on your muscles over the workout period.

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This is an advanced fitness tracker that is known to help you achieve your fitness goals easily. It will give you the speed that you are undertaking your workout and give you the best exercise form. It is a wearable that helps you know the exact amount of calories or fats that you have burnt throughout the day. This is helpful to know your progress and improve your performance for better results. It is a device that is used throughout the day and night as it will track your performance even when you are sleeping. It is made up of a waterproof screen and long lasting battery. This fitness device that is charged through USB dongle and has sensors to help in heart rate tracking and sleeping patterns. You can connect it easily to your Bluetooth for music.


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