Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band: Tracking, Monitoring and Fitness Device


Popularity in technological devices made over the years has become a growth point that seems to expand with passing time. This is especially in reference to wearable technologies, which seem to keep on competing with each other and producing the best for usage by you and me. The improvements seem to be centered on ensuring that the individual using the device is well motivated. This is now done by ensuring the device has sleek features, up to date operating software, a smooth and accurate recording, analysis and a feedback session that is improved and or enhanced. This is what the new Xiaomi Mi Band wearable device is offering.

Xiaomi Mi Band: What It Is?

It is a wearable device that tracks, monitors and ensures that you engage in fitness activities so as to increase the calories burned at any single moment. The device has one of the best in reference to its operations and or functionalities when it comes to the integration of high resolution data and offers the best there is out there in the market. This is mainly due to the fact that the wearable device is tough, has a wider scope in its usage and has a rich and luxurious and accommodating design that will have you showing it off at the first chance.

Xiaomi Mi Band: Design

The general design and construction of the device is one that draws awes from different people. In addition,it is manufactured by a company that has a reputable track record in producing wearable device for tracking and fitness. Furthermore, it is easily accessible considering its cool price that does not dig too deep into your pockets. To evidence some of these claims, here is the design of this magnificent fitness and tracking device.

Sensor Suite

This is designed to endure and increase the durability of the wearable device. In addition, it is attached or housed in an aluminum frame that is durable in nature. Furthermore, it connects and/or attaches to the wearable device on the wrist through flexible, silicone bands that are hypoallergenic and comfortable in nature. The sensor suite colors range from green, red, blue to orange lights. This ensures that they can match the different color bands that one may choose and or select to wear.

Band Colors and Options

Band Colors and Options
The wrist bands come in different colors ensuring that the user has options and choices in the selected band for the day. It also promotes pairing and matching of the bands to the fashion worn and or event attended. Furthermore, the bands are adjustable in nature making them perfect for wear by anyone regardless of their physical build.

Battery life

The device has a battery life of around 30 days making it one of the best. Furthermore, it can be used continuously throughout the day and night to ensure better results are achieved at the very end. The battery is a lithium battery with a capacity of around 41mAh. This capacity is known to drive military grade accelerometer i.e. ADI and 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity

Water Resistant

The device is water proof making it suitable for wear while working out. This means that sweat of splashes or getting soaked in the rain won’t destroy your precious device. Furthermore, the sensor is quite accurate ensuring that you intense workout activities are recorded.


Sometimes, an individual may be exposed to extremely low temperatures during winter and or very high temperature during summer or if visiting the desert. The device is not affected and it can handle temperatures that go as low as -20 degrees and as high as 70 degrees.

The device is also corrosion proof and is not affected or prone to damage through salts and oils that are secreted by the body minimizing its degradation or depreciation as time goes.

Xiaomi Mi Band: Features and Functionality

Xiaomi Mi Band: Features and Functionality
The Mi Band has all of the features expected to be in fitness and tracking device. These features include:

  • Counting steps when walking
  • Burning body calories
  • Activity tracking capabilities
  • Scheduled tracking and alerts
  • Setting fitness objectives and goals and tracking the targets set
  • Sleep tracking that ensures you sleep cycle is maintained and enhanced so that you wake up fresh and up for more tasks during the day
  • An unlocking feature that unlocks your phone using sensors. This feature is a unique one as it only happens if you are the one holding the device. The unlock feature uses Bluetooth to communicate the smartphones unlock passcodes unlocking the device.
  • Alerts and notifications given to the user for any incoming calls. In addition, if the call isn’t picked in the set timeframe, the device notifies and alerts the user.

Xiaomi Mi Band: Pricing

This is a cost effective wearable technology that allows you to perform your tracking activities seamlessly as other more expensive and luxurious devices. The device is priced at around 15 dollars which is an amazing if not an unbelievable price.


The Mi Band provides each person with the chance to own a fitness tracking device. With the extensive capabilities and the unbelievable price, you are assured of tracking and monitoring your fitness and tracking your daily activities.


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