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Tushi Rocks Pal Review – A Magic Fitness Tracker


The Tushi Pal is a wristband that functions as a fitness tracker. It combines ancient tradition with modern technology to make an excellent smart wristband fitness monitor. This digital fitness monitor is designed for wearing around the wrist. It detects and perfectly displays the user’s health information on its inbuilt screen. Ancient Maya designs inspire the wristband’s styling, and the Tushi Pal has a handmade woven case.

How Tushi Pal Works?

The Tushi Pal can be described as an optimal HRM fitness monitor worn on the wrist. Its underside, the portion that is in direct contact with the wrist, has powerful sensors that are able to detect breathing patterns, and heart rates. Also, there is a pedometer that perfectly keeps track of the number of steps the wearer has taken. Moreover, it can track sleep patterns during the night.

Additionally, Tushi Pal is able to calculate gathered data to establish the number of calories the wearer has burnt during workouts. More importantly, it comes with a special ‘Breathing Light’ that perfectly displays a notification light that has different colors depending on the exercise stage the user is currently in. This ranges from strenuous exercises to warm ups.

Tushi Pal Works

It also has additional functionalities that include being in a position to display time and date just like any other digital watch. It also has controls that are very touch sensitive and an inbuilt Bluetooth that allows for syncing with an iPhone or Android to receive email alerts, message notifications and more.

About The Manufacturer

This amazing wristband is a product of Tushi Rocks, which is a reputable company under AMSA Global Enterprises LLC. It was founded by a number of high-level executives and highly successful entrepreneurs from Mexican corporations. The company claims to be committed to producing products that are socially responsible and products that can help people achieve their fitness objectives.

The Tushi Pal Materials

Tushi Pal Materials
It should be known that each Tushi Pal is created from unique materials. The materials feature a sweat proof band that has a design inspired by ancient Maya. Additionally, each fitness monitor contains a handmade woven box specially created by Merida Mayan artisans from the Yucatan Peninsula.

The boxes are uniquely woven using any of the following three techniques: Sisal costurado, Sisal Back Strap Loom, and JipiJasa. Users are allowed to choose the option type they wish to come with their fitness monitor.

Tushi Pal Pricing

Regardless of the woven storage box style someone chooses, each Tushi Pal retails for $63.99. Moreover, standard shipping is provided free, but priority and expedited shipping cost extra $21.99 and $12.99 respectively.

What Customers Have To Say About Tushi Pal?

The company behind Tushi Pal is relatively new in the fitness trackers industry, but it is receiving some positive reviews on Amazon with most customers rating it 3 out of 5 stars. Customers like the company because it makes amazing fitness monitors that are affordable and have quality level of performance.

The Advantages Of Tushi Pal

Advantages Of Tushi Pal

Here are some of the reasons why customers love Tushi Pal:

  • It is stylish and has a sleek design. Without any single doubt, the Tushi Pal design is sleek and eye-catching.
  • Socially conscious: the company has an agreement with the local Mayan craftsmen to offer hand-woven cases for the wristband. This is a socially conscious move, and the artisans are able to make a living for themselves.
  • Tushi Pal is affordable: at $63.99 the company has made the Tushi Pal affordable to many people who need fitness monitor. Similar wristband monitors go for $100 or more. This makes the Tushi Pal the best option.

The Disadvantages Of Tushi Pal

People are concerned about the quality of Tushi Pal. Previously, the company has had problems with its older fitness tracker models, and Tushi Pal might suffer similar problems. A sleek design does not mean a lot if the product does not function as expected. Although there are no clear indications that Tushi Pal suffers from some of these issues, users are afraid of the possibility.

Should You Purchase Tushi Pal?

The Tushi Pal is a perfect option for personal fitness enthusiasts. Although it does not have features that can compete with expensive or more advanced fitness monitors, the wristband comes with its own unique collection of impressive features. Moreover, it is in a position to captivate people with its sleek styling. Also, purchasing Tushi Pal directly supports the Maya artisans who make its hand-woven cases.

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This digital fitness monitor is in a position to detect and display your health information on its inbuilt screen. Underneath, the Tushi Pal has sensors that detect breathing patterns and heart rates. Its pedometer is capable of tracking steps taken and monitors sleep patterns. It also has some additional functionality including displaying time and date. It also has controls that are sensitive to touch and comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth that perfectly syncs with your iPhone or Android to allow for receiving email alerts and message notifications. The company, Tushi Rocks is dedicated to producing products that are socially responsible for helping people attain their fitness desires.


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