SuperSuit’s Primary Wearable Gaming Platform


This is the first wearable gaming in the world. It is a device that helps you play in your backyard alone or with a group of friends. This is a wearable that is suitable for both adults and children to help you enjoy more than fifteen games. It is a device that helps you become more powerful as you continue to play. It adds you more powers your levels of abilities rise up. The application that comes with this wearable helps you keep track of the powers, help you analyze the scores and help you know the remaining active minutes. The application also helps you download more games in your wearable for more playtimes and achieving your targets.

Manufacturer’s Information And Claims About Wearable Gaming Fitness.

This is a device that is manufactured by SuperSuit Company in USA. This is a company that employs the best technology to come up with this first ever gaming platform that helps you and your children play and make use of your leisure time effectively. The device allows you to download more than 15 games that you will be able to play. The apps that come with this wearable help you analyze your scores. It will also shows you the active minutes remaining before the game ends and allows you download more games. It helps you increase your powers to become the most powerful among the team.

Reason Behind This Wearable Gaming Platform

This is a wearable that struck the mind of the manufacturer after the he realize that there have been ignored in terms of devices especially outdoor plays. Apart from watching games on screens and having games on software kids have little equipments that help them be active out of the house. This is how this technology was invented as it will allow them play physically with their parents or peers. The device can be carried to beaches or other places of your wish as it will not depend on network. Therefore, this wearable can be effective even in the remote areas as you will not worry about its connections. This is a wearable that ensures that a child have an active life style for a healthy person.

Gaming Wearable

How Does this Wearable Gaming Work?

This is a wearable that utilizes Zi-Fi technology to help in effective communication between suit to suit so that they can play. It is because of this Zi-Fi technology that this gaming does not require a screen, phone or Bluetooth to function. You can take it your place of choice where they will start talking to each other and you can start playing. You also need to unleash the magic which makes the force field active and release shock waves used to by your hands to target your team member.

Components of SuperSuit Wearable Gaming Platform

The device is made up of the following three Components which functions together to help you enjoy the game:

  • Super Glove- this is the part that enables the unique abilities of this wearable active. It uses an ENGage gesture technology which is responsible for giving you more powers to set free shock waves and generate force fields to target your play mates.
  • Super Vest- this is the part of the wearable that acts as the right target. It is this part that lights up and is capable of producing sound when you are hit. The vest is the part makes you aware when your other team members hit you.
  • Super Bot – this is the part that helps you shield yourself from your opponents to help you create a defense. It helps you not get hit by others so as to increase your targets and have the highest marks.

SuperSuit Wearable

Features of SuperSuit Wearable Gaming Platform

This is a wearable that has the following features:

  • App- this is the application that helps you connect to multiple profiles. It is of assistance in keeping of your scores and check the leaderboard for improves performance. It will also help you download more games and helps in effective tracking of your fitness activities.
  • Personalizing superSuit- this is a wearable that helps you personalize the wearable and makes it more used to your favorites.
  • Long battery life- the wearable comes with a long life battery that helps you use the device for long hours without having to charge it frequently.
  • Storage- this is a wearable that is easy to store as you are required to hang it behind your door or your wardrobe. It requires a small space to keep it.
  • One size fits all- it is a wearable that can be used by children and adults with ease. That one wearable can be shared by many people regardless of their age.

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This is a wearable that helps you play from anywhere you choose. It does not require network for it to function as it uses Zi-Fi to help you play. The device helps children have an active life style and keep them healthy. It is easy to store as you can hang behind your door.


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