The World’s First Braille Dot Smartwatch for the Blind


This smartwatch is designed to help the visually impaired people. It features a sleek, minimalist design inspired by Apple’s own smart technology products. Most of the smart tech devices are designed for the majorities leaving out the visually impaired people who cannot benefit from the advances. The smartwatches for the impaired relied on audio prompts that can be sometimes disruptive. The Dot watch is designed to display the braille characters in real time. It allows smartphone users to receive and view their notifications on the watch in braille.

The Manufacturer’s Information and Claims about the Device

The world’s first braille smartwatch is produced by a South Korean startup Dot Incorporation Company. They spent three years trying to come up with a smartwatch for the visual impaired. They had problems when designing the watch face, which was pretty flimsy. Prodding hands easily damaged the small bumps that moved to tell the time. The watch has now a sleek, minimalist design and is set to go on sale. Eric Kim who is the CEO founded the Dot Company. He was inspired by the fact that most students utilized their tablets in lecturers while the blind struggled with large and bulky braille books. This made him think on how to help the blind access the advancing technology that will simplify their work. The company also produces an educational reader known as dot mini and an e-reader Dot pad.

The World’s First Braille Smartwatch Design and Features

It features a simple design with an aluminum casing. It has uber-cool white face, which is the braille’s display. It has four cells with six tiny moving components, and two touch sensors below them. The touch sensors allow you to scroll through and read the notification one at a time in real time. You need to tap the lower part of the face to activate the sensors and display the next character. It features auto scroll feature whose speed can be adjusted. It automatically displays a set of characters while you are reading the notifications. On its right side, it has three control buttons namely select button, Dot crown dial, and home button. The button allows the user to operate various functions on the phone. It has a companion app that can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. The app is compatible with either iOS or Android operating system. It has a timer, alarm, and a stopwatch.

How Does The Dot Watch Works?

The watch works by pairing with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. You must first install the app on your smartphone from the iTunes or the Google Play store. You are required to create an account after installing the app where you register your name, email, and create your password. Once your smartphone is paired, you will start receiving notifications such as the date and tie and also other features. The app allows you to configure your watch’s settings, set an alarm, and check your battery status. It has a ‘learn braille’ function that enables the user to send a braille message to your watch. The setup process and the app are accessible on your smartphone and you can configure it without any sighted assistant. When receiving a call by use of your watch, you must have your phone near since the watch has no speakers.

Smartwatch Wearable

The World’s First Braille Dot Smartwatch Specifications

  • It is designed in an uber-cool white face.
  • Its battery will last you for seven days and it is rechargeable via a USB charger.
  • It connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The alarm is only in vibration mood.
  • It has adjustable wrist straps.

The Advantages of Using Dot Watch

  • The watch alerts you when you receive a notification in your phone such as a test message.
  • It allows you to read your messages on the braille’s display.
  • It alerts you when you have a call allowing the user to answer or decline the call.
  • The braille’s pins are clear and easy to decipher.
  • It allows you to send messages by use of the side buttons.
  • It allows the visual impaired to check their time and date and also set alarms via Bluetooth connection to their smartphone.

The Availability and Pricing Of The Braille Smartwatch

The watch is available on the brand’s official website. The company is planning to ship over 100,000 watches by the end of the year 2017 at a cost of $290 each. They provide you with a well-detailed manual about the watch that will make it easy for you to use it.

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The world’s first braille smartwatch is an innovative wearable device that is designed to help the visually impaired people. It gives them a room to enjoy different features and access information on their smartphones with ease. It expected to launch next month. This will help those people who are blind or partially sighted. The company is working on developing a smartwatch with a cover to protect the braille display from dirt and other objects that might damage it, as it will be worn in all sorts of environment.


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