FitBit Alta HR

FitBit Alta HR – Slim Wearable Smart Heart Rate Monitor Tracker


FitBit Alta HR is a heart rate monitor tracker that has been just launched in March 2017 by Fitbit. It is a modification of the original FitBit Alta with an addition of heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, which is more detailed. The original FitBit Alta was launched in 2016. The new wearable device is different from the original Fitbit Alta device in that it has improved and added unique features. It is the fourth device from the company to include heart rate sensors. The device is available on the brand’s official website.

Manufacturer’s Information and Claims About Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Company produces the Alta HR wearable device. The company has adopted a tradition of producing a new wearable fitness tracker device every spring season. This season they have launched a new and improved FitBit Alta HR device. They have also produced other heart ratesensors over years such as Surge, Charge, and Blaze. They claim that they have worked together with Texas Instruments to shrink the size of the heart sensor used in the device. This is following complain about the large uncomfortable Fitbit heart rate monitoring devices such as in Charge and Surge. They have managed to shrink the size to be 25% smaller than that of Charge 2 device.

Fitbit Alta HR Features

Fitbit Alta HR Features

  • The device has inbuilt heart rate sensor that is smaller in size as compared to that in the company’s Charge 2 device.
  • The battery charge will last you for 7 days.
  • It gives you detailed sleep tracking data that ranges from sleep stages such light sleep, REM sleep, etc. to sleep insights other than just telling you the duration that you have slept.
  • It comes along with a companion app that can be installed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • It features silent alarms that allow you to wake up peacefully.
  • It has interchangeable accessories that allow you to switch your style with leather, metal etc. that allows you to tap your time, stats, and notification on an OLED display. It allows you to customize your clock face.
  • It features a tap display

How the Device Works?

To give you the detailed sleep data, the device tracks heart rate variability and motion data. The data is used to describe your sleep stages, which can be light sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep, or any other sleep stage. This gives you a deeper insight into your energy levels and daily activity. The device also tracks your day’s activity that includes your steps, distance, active minute, calorie-burned, active hour, and stationary time. It reminds you when to move to reach your hourly goal of 250 steps. It sends data to your smartphone via the installed Alta HR app.

The Devices Companion App

Companion App
The device comes along with a companion app that is installed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The app is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating system. The device connects to your device via wireless syncing that allows you to sync stats to your device. It relays the data to your device for you to get the progress,Your smartphone provides you with notifications that allow you to text, call, and calendar alert on the device’s display when your phone is nearby.

The Tech Specs of Fitbit Alta HR

  • It has vibration motor and three axis accelerometer sensors.
  • It has an OLED tap display
  • It has a Lithium-polymer battery that is fully charged for one to two hours. The charge lasts you for 7 days.
  • It features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • It is durable and sweat, rain, and splash water resistant.
  • It is capable of storing a detailed motion data for every minute for 7 days and the daily totals for 30 days.
  • It operates at a maximum altitude of 30,000 feet and a temperature of 14 to 113 degrees F.
  • It is produced from highly durable and flexible elastomer material. The tracker is produced from surgical-grade stainless steel and the buckle from aluminum.

The Pricing and Availability of Fitbit Alta HR Device

Availability of Fitbit
The device comes along in four colors, which includes Black, Coral, Fushsia, and Blue Gray. It is available in large and small sizes. It comes in two materials either 22K rose gold plated or stainless steel. It is available on the brand’s official website at a cost of $149.95. The price is $20 higher than that of the original FitBit Alta. The purchase comes in a package of Alta HR tracker, charging cable, and Alta HR classic band. You can also add accidental damage coverage for $39.99 per device. Some of the FitBit Alta HR accessories are metal bracelet t a cost of $99.95, classic band at $29.95, and leather band at $59.95.

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FitBit Alta HR is a unique, high-quality, and reliable fitness-tracking device. It also allows you to monitor your heart rate and provides you with detailed information about your sleep pattern and the level of quality. The company offers you a 45-day money back guarantee and one-year limited warranty. They also provide free shipping services for orders above $50.


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