Leomo’s Type -R Sports Performance Motion Tracker Wearable device


Type-R is a wearable sports performance tracker device that is designed to provide you with data-driven feedback based on the latest sports science.The flagship fitness tracking system was revealed in March 2017. It is designed to help the athletes improve their performance. The device is available in a package that contains a number of items.

Manufacturer informationand claims about the wearable sports performance tracker

Leomo, a company based in San Diego, California produces the wearable devices for cyclists to enable them improve their performance. KunihikoKaji and Taizo Son founded the company in 2012. It was rebranded from Lemonade Lab, Inc. to Leomo as from March 2017. It consists of 28 employees. The company has received a venture funding of $5.8 million from the FIH Mobile investor in August 2015. The manufacturer claims that that the sensors deliver accurate results. They claim that it is the best wearable fitness tracker that is designed for cyclists specifically. The company claims that the device empowers athletes with their portable coaches, accurate, and real-time motion analysis.

The design and specs of Leomo’swearable Type-R device

Leomo’swearable Type-R

  • The device is waterproof and has FWVGA capacitive touchscreen that has 3.0 inches display that features a high resolution and 16.7 million color spectrum.
  • It has a rechargeable lithium ion polymer that is replaceable. Together with its dock, it is charged for five hours.
  • It has GPS, barometric altimeter, and accelerometer sensors.
  • The device is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later, iPhone 4S or later, and all modern Internet browsers.
  • It has a memory capacity of 8 GB with a usable memory of 6GB. It is capable of storing about 30 hours of riding time.
  • The device features wireless connectivity where it connects via Bluetoothto Leomo motion sensors, Wi-Fi for data connection, ANT+ for external sources, and Bluetooth Low Energy for settings with your smartphone.

The features of the wearable tracker

The tracker features smart sensors, advanced analytics, and a cloud-based system that provides data-driven feedback based on the latest sports science. The device consists of square-shaped small devices that you can attach to your shoes, pelvis, and thighs. It has a display that is attached to the front of your handlebars. The square shaped sensors track your motion while the display displays relevant data to you. Here are some key features of wearable Type-R.

Wearable Tracker

  • Motion sensors – the device contains five sensors that are small and light in weight. Each sensor features its own three-axisaccelerometer and gyroscope. They are placed in three locations that are the thigh, pelvis, and on your feet. They are claimed to record up to 100 data points per second.The data is sent to your display on real-time.
  • Display – it is attached to the front of your handlebars. It can attach to ANT+ based sensors. It displays data recorded by the sensors and it can also record some data on itself. It qualifies your motion as values that can be displayed in form of maps, graphs, or other tools. It calculates your cadence, power balance, heart rate, and speed along with Motion Performance Indicator (MPIs).
  • Data analysis – Leomo’swearable Type-R allows you to update your data to a tablet or your computer. This allows you to compare your performance with your other rides. You are in a position of viewing the data via conventional web browser.
  • Companion app – the device features an app called the Leomo Link, which is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

How Does Leomo’s wearable Type-R device works?

The wearable device empowers competitive athletes. It has portable coaches and provides you with accurate data and their analysis in real-time. The sensors record the data and send relevant data to the display. Data is analyzed in your smartphone after the activity when you load the activity data. This allows you to see your progress as compared to the other ride analysis.

The benefits of having the Leomo’s wearable Type-R device

  • The device is waterproof.
  • The device helps to quantify your cycling activity.
  • It provides you with relevant, real-time, intelligent, and usable data.
  • It records data and allows you to view it later on your app or web browser.

The availability and pricing of the wearable device

The device is available in a package of main Type-R unit with display, dock charger, S and L batteries, dock with port cap and bike mount, 2 USB cables, 5 motion sensors and two sensor clips, a sensor charger and an AC adaptor, 50 sensor adhesives, carrying case, anti-glare film, and a wristband with adjustment spacer. The company is likely to release the product in the market later in this year. The exact releasing date and the price of the product are not stated on the website. However, upon joining the beta system, you can receive the wearable device at a significant discount from the normal retail price.

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Leomo’s wearable sports performance tracking device is a high-quality wearable device that provides you with real-time, relevant, and usable data. It is of great help to you as a cyclist since it enables you to track your motion and give you relevant data on your progress. This enables you to improve your performance. Currently, the company is accepting applicants for its open beta program.


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