The Hey Smart Bracelet- Facts You Should Know


Technology is constantly changing, and great things are yet to come. Currently, Mark Van Rossem is developing an innovative technology device known as the Hey Smart Bracelet. According to Rossem, this device will allow loved ones who are far apart to squeeze and give brief touches to each other’s arms and let them know that they are on each other’s mind.

What Exactly Is The Hey Smart Bracelet?

This amazing piece of technology is being designed to make communications between loved ones more lively. There are numerous ways through which separated loved ones communicate today including video calls, calls, and texts. However, an important aspect of communication, touch has not been explored. For this reason, Rossem embarked on exploring various ways to send touch signals instantly over long distances. This gave rise to Hey.

Hey is a smart bracelet that is in a position to imitate human touch. It relies on a unique technology and comes in sets of four or two. Bluetooth and the Hey app connect these bracelets. Users only have to squeeze their bracelet a little to communicate to their distant loved ones and let them know that they are thinking about them.

The corresponding bracelets will then respond by squeezing the wearers gently. One thing about Hey is that it does not buzz or vibrate, unlike many other products on the market and this makes it unique. Instead, Hey squeezes the wearer bringing about a sensation that feels like the human touch.


In the today world, where being separated from loved ones by distance and frequent travels has become a norm, Hey provides the best answer to make those distances a little easier to deal with. Although texts and video calls make loved ones feel closer, a little touch or squeeze feels much better.

The Advantages of the Hey Smart Bracelet

This wonderful piece of technology has no doubt numerous advantages. The first advantage is the way it easily works. Developers have worked for many years to make the technology used in this device perfect. It is just a matter of time, and the device will be on its way to customers. The upcoming bracelet relies on advanced technology that uses Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones.

When the Hey Smart Bracelet is touched, a message is sent to the phone and then sent to the corresponding bracelet. One thing that makes this bracelet even more advanced is the fact that one can only touch it in two special areas in order to send a message. This serves to decrease the possibility of sending a touch message by accident.

Tech Bracelet
Loved ones separated by distance are not in a position to communicate their exciting moments that occur all through the day. Also, they are not able to remind one another that they are thinking of each other. However, Hey hopes to make this easier for everybody.

The Hey Smart Bracelet is designed to be a sign of love and worn by loved ones separated by distance. It closely resembles a stylish jewelry making it the perfect gift for people who love one another. With a brief touch, loved ones will be able to feel closer to each other despite the long distance separating them.

People are different and have unique sense of style. One major reason why people love who they love is because of these unique differences. To celebrate this uniqueness and individuality, the Hey Smart Bracelet is available in two different colors. This makes it easy for individuals to go for their favorite color.

The first color is the rose gold and white option. This color option is perfect for individuals who love style and wouldn’t mind a vibrant option. For individuals who are into more subdued style and would want a color option that easily blends in with their every outfit, the Hey Smart Bracelet provides a black and anthracite option. According to rumors, as the Hey Smart Bracelet gets closer to being released, additional versions and color options will be released.

Additional Information About The Hey Smart Bracelet

This piece of technology is currently in its final stages, and soon it will be availed on the market. However, users can still make their pre-orders through Kickstarter. Since the wearable is still in the development stage, consisting of perfecting the app, hardware, and the design, the first Hey shipping is likely to occur later this year around August. Pre-purchases are currently ongoing and are at a lower cost, and there are a number of purchasing options.

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The Hey Smart Bracelet will change the way loved ones separated by distance communicate. Although video calls, texts, and calls bring people closer, instant touches mean a lot. The wearable imitates the human touch and is available in sets including sets of two or four. The bracelets are interconnected using Bluetooth and the Hey app. A simple squeeze on the bracelet will gently squeeze the corresponding wearer and let them know that someone is thinking about them. The Hey Smart Bracelet doesn’t buzz or vibrate, and this sets it aside from the other options available on the market.


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