The Ultra Violet Monitor Patch or My UV Patch

The Ultra Violet Monitor Patch or My UV Patch


Each day, every one of us is looking for a better and proper way to take care of the skin. We invest out time, money and other resources towards acquiring the best technologies and solutions for our skin. However, it might be easier to prevent damage to the skin other than looking for possible solutions to damaged skin. This is an argument that has pushed many people look for ways to protect and prevent different skin conditions. This is aimed at ensuring you retain your skin health status at par with the set standards or levels.

Even with the measures that have already been put in place, it is increasingly difficult to ensure skin health and protect from damage as a result of excessive sunlight. The sun being the major source of different skin conditions including skin cancer, acne, sun burns, skin breakages acne many more; you need something to protect the skin against it. This is where My UV Patch comes in.

My UV Patch: What It Is?

As you know, technology is now more integrated and involved in health issues. My UV Patch is an inventive, innovative and a solution to many skin problems. The technology present in the wearable device is such that it can protect the skin from UV rays and from intense or excessive sunlight exposure. In addition, My UV Patch provides improved health status for the skin, increases its general wellness levels and ensures that the skin appears vibrant, radiant and smooth all the way.

UV Skin Patch

My UV Patch: Features

The wearable device and the technology are manufactured by La Roche-Posay. It has several features or elements that enable it to perform its functionality so smoothly and to achieve its set mandate. These features include:

Stretching Materials
My UV Patch has a stretchable mechanical material that allows it to fit the shape and stretch with the user’s body. It is designed to function just like the skin i.e. since the skin is elastic and prone to tighten or loosen while engaged in different activities, My UV Patch is designed to do the same such that thre is no uncomfortable feelings involved.

Adhesive in Nature
The material is designed to fit the user and ensure that it sticks or is held onto the skin. This specific feature ensures that My UV Patch remains intact once it is worn. It is also transparent in nature such that it cannot be seen on the skin once it is worn giving you the confidence of using it without worry of being seen; it offers the much needed privacy.

Adhesive in Nature

My UV Patch is small in size and thin in reference to its width. This allows it to accommodate wrinkling of the skin, bending or movement. The thinness of My UV Patch is similar to that of a hair strand on the skin. This makes it easier to ensure that it functions similar to the skin when remaining attached to the skin.

Companion App
As usual, many wearable devices are designed and launched with a corresponding or a companion app. The app is designed to analyze data collected during a specific set time period and offering feedbacks and suggestions on how to better improve the results. It indicates excessive sunshine and the duration of exposure and at the very end, offers a solution on how to minimize exposure while not taking out the fun associated.

Photosensitive Dyes
In some cases, you might find it hard to judge whether the intensity of the sun is excess or not. This is what the photosensitive dyes are for. Once the suns intensity is in excess, the colors change from the original color indicating that the intensity of the sun rays has increased prompting you to take action and shield yourself.

My UV Patch: How It Works?

The first step is to purchase My UV Patch and download the companion app onto your smartphone. The companion app goes by My UV Patch App and it offers you all the information you need to commence on testing your patch. Wear the patch on an area that is exposed to sunlight and not prone that is hidden by clothes. This ensures that it is exposed the whole day measuring and recording the amount of sunlight, intensity of the rays and the duration that it is in contact with your skin.

My UV Patch also ensures that it reminds you to reapply your sunscreen ensuring that the skin is protected on a regular basis. In addition, it offers you a daily report with customized suggestions or feedbacks showing how to best ensure and improve the safety of your skin from the sun. it will also indicate and offer the best sunscreen from its manufacturers to further ensure safety levels .


This wearable device is definitely an invention that each one of us should get. This is not only because of its functionality but also because we are heading into summer and the intensity can sometimes be too much for our skin to handle. Having it at our possession will ensure you receive alerts and ensure you skin is protected at all times.


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