Acer's New Wearable Family

Acer’s New Wearable Family


Acer has debuted its brand new wearable technology in 2014, the Liquid Leap. There are several versions of the items sold on the market, there’s the Liquid Leap Fit, Liquid Leap Curve, and the Liquid Leap Active. In this article we will show you the Liquid Leap family, we will also discuss the details of wearable and Acer.


Acer has been famous for making notebooks, which are relatively cheap. The company has been focusing on the price tag sacrificing some of the quality of the products; however, the quality still stays pretty decent. But if we want to buy the best quality laptops, we don’t necessarily want to buy one from Acer. That’s why Dell and Toshiba are on the market. Since the latter two companies put their main focuses on the quality instead of the price, just the opposite business plan of Acer, Dell and Toshiba is no competition for Acer. The company’s main competitor is Lenovo who has become one of the biggest companies in the world in the last two years. They have developed from a middle-small Chinese company, who had most of its sales on the Asian continent, to a huge multinational firm who is selling their products worldwide.

Lenovo is the biggest competitor of Acer on the notebook market since they both focus on being cheap while they try to keep as much quality as they can. However, this competition seems to be won by Lenovo since the price-value rate of the company is much better than Acer’s. Acer, however, stays on the market with a moderate share of the laptop sales.

It is very important for a company to choose a business plan. What do I mean by that? Let’s see for example Acer. They have set their business focus (plan) to the price tag. If a company forgets to do this they can encounter huge expenses in the manufacturing of a product. Even worse, if you want to stay cheap and provide the highest quality product on the market, you will most probably, lose tons of profits on the item. Let’s see just Apple. They provide good quality products, however, why would they keep the price of their products low? There’s such a huge demand for their goods, it would not be a sane decision to sell their goods with a low price tag. However, they could try this tactic to get their products bought by poorer people.

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable gadgets have arrived on the market in the years 2013-2014, however, the companies who have manufactured those devices have yet to reach their goals since wearable have been pretty unpopular at those years. This has happened due to the pretty bad marketing campaigns that have (or not have) been made. Most of the people has never heard of wearable devices until Apple has announced its own one, the Apple Watch. Yes, Apple has a huge influence to people and to the market. Most people love the company. Some of them likes Apple, since they are releasing products with brand new inventions almost every year, some of them love them because of the look of the devices that has been sold by them, and there’s a huge majority who don’t necessarily likes Apple but buys their products for the Apple logo, which is a symbol of status nowadays. If you have something with that on it, it means that you are not poor, or just trying to seem to be on the other hand of the economic status.

I expect wearable gadgets to become quite popular this year and later on. This will be due to the tons of new releases this and the year after. However, we will see what will happen.

The Acer Liquid Leap

We have briefly introduced the Acer Liquid Leap product family in the first paragraph of this article, so you know a thing or two about them. The Acer Liquid Leap wearable gadgets look quite amazing. Their design is simple, beautiful and I bet they are pretty comfortable too. Acer has done a good job by designing and manufacturing these devices, however, the marketing of the gadgets could be better since only a few people knew that these devices have been on the market.


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