Mini and Qualcomm to Come Up with Augmented Smart Glasses

Mini and Qualcomm to Come Up with Augmented Smart Glasses


Mini and Qualcomm are partnering a brand new project where they are planning to make a new, upcoming smartglass, which is currently in production. In this article we will discuss the two companies that are planning to make the project together, we will write about the project itself and about smartglasses.

Mini and Qualcomm

Have you ever seen the movie called the Italian Job? If yes, just remember what kind of cars have they used for bank robbery? Still not get it? Here’s a better one: what car is Mister Bean driving? Of course a Mini Cooper! Mini is the company that is planning to partner with Qualcomm in the making of the new smartglass, which will be designed for driving purposes.

I can’t do that trick that I have done with Mini and Mini Cooper in the previous paragraph since Qualcomm is not a widely known company among people. Big company for sure, however, they are not famous for making any consumer electronics, or stuff that people like to use. They make the inner parts to consumer electronics, not the devices themselves. However, they are only manufacturing the central processing unit part of the electronics. Qualcomm makes pretty good quality, medium price ranged CPUs mostly for smartphones and tablets, and however, there are exceptions when they are making central processing units for other kinds of gadgets.

There are instances where two big companies are partnering with each other in order to create something new and awesome. Just to clear misunderstandings, I am not speaking about cases when a company buys another and uses the latter’s department for the new project that the buying firm has in mind. No, I’m speaking about two individual and independent companies, like Qualcomm and Mini, who are partnering with each other. When two big, open-minded firms are doing something together, it turns out to be a huge success most of the time.

That’s the case with humanity in general too. If two or more countries create a coalition, which is not against someone or something, they only want to build something or create something new, it usually ends with a success story. For example, let’s see the building of the Suez Canal. Many countries have partnered to build it, and they have built it making sea routes shorter and more comfortable. With Suez Canal in place, transport and other purpose ships that go to Asia to Europe, vice versa, don’t have to circle around Africa, they only have to cross the canal.

Smart Glasses

With 2015 being the year of wearable gadgets, there have been several smart glasses announced. However, most of them will only release next year or after. Consumers will be considered pretty lucky if any of them will make its launch this year. Why are they making them for so long time? Since smart glasses is a pretty new technology, the manufacturer companies don’t really want to release something that don’t fit consumers’ needs. For example, Google has planned to release the world’s first ever created smart glass, the Google Glass, however, the company has realized that the device would not fit properly the consumers’ needs. They could have big sales, however, there are many companies on the market who have implemented Google’s idea on smart glasses and started making their own. Most of these glasses are far more superior than Google’s, so Google has ended its project. However, they try to implement new changes on the gadget so they could make it more attractive to end users.

Mini’s And Qualcomm’s New Project

Mini's And Qualcomm's New Project

Mini and Qualcomm have been planning a pretty great project together. As they have revealed what they are working on most people’s jaws have dropped in awe. They are working on a smart glass that has been designed for driving purposes. It is very practical since the device will show you how fast you are driving, since it is synchronized with your car. The smart glass can not only show that it can show you directions, GPS, many other cool things that will make your driving session even more fun and easier. Qualcomm and Mini have designed here something pretty cool. They have started making wearable gadgets for a niche, just like driving.


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