Xiaomi Mi Band – To Monitor Health Things About Me!


The Mi Band is a wrist band that is designed for tracking one’s fitness and sleep specifically. It is a high tech gadget with one simple purpose and that is to monitor health things about the wearer. These health things are all about fitness and also about sleep. So, with this said, if you do want to keep in step with yourself from a fitness and sleep aspect. Do use the Mi Band to monitor health things about you for yourself or those you love the most in the whole world.


  • It is a fitness band and sleep tracker
  • It has 30 days of standby power
  • Has a sleep-cycle smart alarm
  • Water resistant (IP67)
  • 79 RMB ($13.00 US)

How We Use?

The Mi Band is used for one express purpose and that is to monitor one’s fitness and sleep. This is because these two things are very important things when it comes to the maintenance of good health. Being able to personally gauge if you are getting adequate fitness, as well as, sleep is everything for those who aren’t getting just what they should be getting in both departments. You use the Mi Band to watch what you are doing form a fitness aspect for yourself and also from a sleep one to.

Unique Features

  • It doubles as a discrete alarm clock
  • Works as a proximity security unlock for Xiaomi smart phone without a password
  • It has very stylish band options (including wrap around and leather)
  • It is a personal and wearable personal health monitor
  • It contains the industry’s most power Blue-tooth chip and accelerometer

What gadget can do for us?

  1. If you are losing weight, it keeps you abreast of what you are achieving, fitness-wise daily
  2. It can make you very aware of your need to increase your fitness workouts
  3. It makes you personally aware of just how much sleep you are getting
  4. It is an awesome form of health monitor to have eyes when you are not looking
  5. It is multi faceted in that it can do other useful things that have been highlighted here

Customer Reviews

What are people saying about the brand new Mi Band? They are passing along nothing but great vibes about this monitoring device. The word is on the Mi Band. What is this word? It is no other than awesome. This is the one word description that has been left by many very happy and satisfied customers for this amazing product that is made by the company called Xiaomi.


The Mi Band is all about you and me. It’s about keeping track of one’s self from a fitness, as well as, totally sleep stance. Each of us do need to know if we are getting enough fitness, in addition to, enough sleep to maintain good health. This is what this very special band does help one to see in detail. Fitness and sleep are two crucial things for good health and having a monitor such as this can help us to help ourselves in every way that counts.


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