Healbe GoBe: Let Healbe GoBe Be Your Guide To Good Health!


What is great about Healbe GoBe Automatic Body Manager Is 100% body health coverage that is thorough and automatic in all the ways that do matter most. Healbe GoBe is far more than just a smile form of activity tracker. It is the one ultimate tracker to make a difference in a number of key health differences to look out for your heath on all fronts.


  • Only Flow technology does accurately measure calories through your skin
  • Automatically does measure calorie intake
  • Monitors heart rate 24/7 and 7/24
  • It accurately does track any activity a body does
  • Combines accelerometer data with constant heart rate monitoring

How We Use?

  • It can be used to monitor all body activity from jogging to swimming to beyond.
  • Help you watch calorie intake if you are on a diet.
  • Maintain a diet properly if you are trying to lose weight by counting calories.
  • Use to check your heartbeat and daily exertion level.
  • Use it to measure the fluid levels in your tissues.

Unique Features

  • Effortless Connectivity using Blue-tooth to transmit data to smart phone
  • Is a wristband with sleek and stylish design
  • The display shows time, heart rate, calorie intake, calories burned, stress level, beyond
  • Completely compatible with Android and iOS
  • Sells for price of $299.99 and comes with two free wristbands white ad purple

What gadget can do for us?

  1. Help you to monitor your own health automatically in a variety of ways.
  2. Help you to follow your daily calorie intake faithfully.
  3. Tell you different things about yourself such as activity and body movement.
  4. Know everything important that you do need to know health-wise and body-wise.
  5. You can GoBe you and not worry about anything happening with your health-wise.

Customer Reviews

People are saying all good things about Healbe GoBE for you and me! The Healbe GoBe is indeed a very real device that has real people behind it. It also has a real history that is completely its own. This review was personally gathered by Deputy Managing Editor of Digital trends named Jeff Van Camp and Christian. They were both at the very first public demonstration of this amazing product.


The Healbe GoBe is the one complete body and health monitoring system that can assist you in keeping key health factors in check and under your watchful eye all the time. It is the one total health and activity tracker that can keep you up and tracking personally for as long as you use the wearable bracelet.


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