E-Ink Fitness And Sleep Tracker

E-Ink Fitness And Sleep Tracker: Withings Go


Go fitness and sleep tracker is a device that helps you keep the progress of your fitness activity so that you can attain your fitness goals easily. It also helps in healthy sleeping patterns to keep you a healthy person throughout your life. It is capable of working all day long and throughout the night for your own good. This is a device that comes as of importance to many people who are fitness enthusiastic and other who want to lead a healthy life. It is an easy to use the device as it comes with a wristband and you can wear it comfortably on your hand. You can also adjust the wristband to fit you as you desire and it is available in different colors for you to choose as it can be green, black, blue, red or yellow. This is a device that is sold on at $49.95 only.

Features Of Go Fitness & Sleep Tracker

Features Of Go Fitness & Sleep Tracker
This is a device that has the following unique features:

  • Water Resistant Up To 50m
  • It is a device that works well even when you are swimming up to a depth of fifty meters. It also helps you do your fitness activities even when it is raining without being faulty.

  • Long Lasting Battery
  • The device’s battery is capable of lasting up to eight months to give you service for a long period. There is no need to recharge and thus helps you keep exercise every day without stopping because of lack of charge.

  • E Ink Technology
  • This is a device that uses E Ink Technology as it has a screen that is on always which conserves power brilliantly. It works perfectly when under water or in bright sunlight with no problem. It makes it highly legible in different conditions for you to attain your fitness goals.

  • It Comes In Different Color
  • This device comes in a different color for you to make a choice. It can be black, red, yellow, green or blue.

Functions Of Go Fitness Sleep Tracker

  • It Is A Multipurpose Device
  • Multipurpose Device
    This is a device that you can use when you run, sleep, swim or walk. It is helpful in recognizing and tracks all of your activities automatically and the only thing your need is to wear it. Its screen shows you how close you are to achieve your goal and lets you know when you have attained it. It pairs with Health Mate app which gives you advice, rewards and gives you an option to invite a friend to join you and have healthy competition for the attainment of your fitness goals.

  • It Lets You Know How Active You Have Been Throughout The Day
  • It helps you know how active you have been each day and how far for you to achieve your goal. This is possible as the device automatically syncs with greatly rated Health Mate app to help you know in-depth metrics for your own progress.

  • It Helps You Go Further
  • This device helps you swim deep and for long hours as it is a water resistant device up to 50m so that you never stop swimming because of depth concerns. It is also a sweatproof device to make sure that you exercise for longer periods even without worry of sweat. Therefore the device ensures that tracking your swim sessions and run as they come to life in the Health Mate app is easy.

  • Its Display Never Quits
  • The device’s display never quits, and it is known to read perfectly in all conditions because it has an energy saving E Ink screen. You can be able to see and read your progress in bright sunlight and even in water with no interference. It will also function proper at any given time as it also has a long lasting battery.

  • It Lets You Know What You Burn Every Day
  • What You Burn Every Day

    The devise is capable of letting you know what you burn every day. You can also find a healthy balance between what you are taking in and the amount of effort you are putting out when integrated with nutrition.

  • Helps You Have A Quality Sleep
  • It will let you know how much and how well you slept for a healthy person. It will provide you with comprehensive sleep cycle breakdown in the morning when you wake up that can help you how to have other better nights for your own health. This is a crucial function as lack of quality sleep might result to increase of risk to chronic diseases and accidents.

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It is clear to every person that getting enough activity is vital to improved health. But the problem comes in measuring the activity to help you know your progress, and this is where this fitness and sleep tracking offer its support. Go fitness and sleep tracker is easy to use the device as you need to wear it on your wrist. It has unique features that help you track your fitness activities effectively as it can be used up to 50m in water and you can read clearly in bright sunlight.


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